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08 November, 2013

Key Products For Clear Skin

My number one skin concern for as long as I can remember has always been dealing with acne. I've definitely seen my fair share of most spot fighting products on the market! In my early twenties my skin type was oily and acne prone, I've slowly managed to regulate my skin, mostly down to a better diet and lifestyle (post student life!) As well as also to some skincare lessons I learnt, which I wrote about here in this post.

My skin type is now normal to combination and prone to occasional breakouts, this is down to either hormonal or environmental (pollution etc) depending on where the breakout is. It's not coincidental where you get breakouts and certain products can help or hinder this. I mainly get breakouts either between my eyebrows, which is down to diet - overloaded liver (rich food and alcohol unfortunately!) or below my mouth, which is hormonal.

So when my skin is misbehaving I turn to a few key products, which have taken me a while to try and test out but have been working well for me - so far so good. First off when a pesky spot does appear I use Origins Super Spot Remover, for such a small and pricey pot it just works. I've tried numerous spot treatments but none come close to this for targeting the area and calming down redness. It won't make your spots disappear over night but rest assure it won't make them worse. A little goes a long way, so it should last you for a while.

When it comes to combating spots Salicylic acid is a must for it's anti inflammatory benefits - look for this in products ingredients list. So to treat my skin, my go-to face mask is Origins Out of Trouble, this is packed with Zinc Oxide and Sulfur, calming Camphor and of course Salicylic acid. It's a white clay like texture, which you leave on for 10 minute and it doesn't tighten or dry out during this time. It's easy to apply and feels so nice when you wash it off. I'm so used to clay masks making my skin feel tight and dry afterwards but this calms your skin and feels refreshing, clean and smooth - bonus!

After I cleanse my skin, I used The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser just around my T-zone. If you've used the tea tree range from The Body Shop before, you will know what the smell is like - slightly medicated. This doesn't bother me too much, as it does a good job at mattifying my skin and minimising the look of my pores. I thought this product would be drying as it is from the tea tree range but it's actually a good base for my moisturiser and foundation.

Lastly my must have product for keeping my skin clear and for unclogging pores is La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, I'm sure you've heard of this product around the blogosphere already! This is because it works really well at targeting skin imperfections such as blocked pores and acne. I've repurchased this numerous time and would happily recommend it time and time again :)

What are your skin clearing must have products? 

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