23 November, 2013

How I Got My Glow Back With REN

I have been using REN products on and off for years, they have always been gentle and calming on my skin with their natural ingredients and no nasties. It might be an understated brand but one that delivers on results at a reasonable price point. I have enjoyed using the Botanics Cleansing Balm but wanted something to target my blemish prone skin. So after careful consideration I picked up 2 products from Space NK - the Clearcalm3 Anti Blemish Clay Cleanser (raved by the beauty queen herself Caroline Hirons) and was also recommended the Clarifying Toning Lotion by the lovely sales assistant (Cheapside, London.) These two products together have worked wonders and have really put the glow back into my skin, here's why...

What REN say about this cleanser "french clay absorbs excess oil, purifies and deeply cleanses your skin. Salicilin gently exfoliates to help minimise the appearance of large pores, leaving your skin visibly smoother, clearer and calmer."   I have never used a clay based cleanser before but I'm sold, one pump and you massage the creamy product onto dry skin for 1-2 minutes. It's gentle and easy to apply, once I rinsed it off it felt like I just had a mini facial. My skin was instantly mattified, refined and smooth. It feels like you're applying a really lightweight face mask, without the heaviness and really detoxifying. 
After I pat my face dry, I soak a cotton pad with the clarifying toner and apply this all over my face. It doesn't feel like any toner I've applied before - refreshing, non drying with a light scent. I thought it would tingle on my skin but it felt calm and soothing. This product is gentle but effective, I think this is what REN do really well - the ingredients are strong enough to make a difference on your skin but gentle so that it doesn't flare up or irritate it. This exfoliating toner contains a range of skin friendly acids and antibacterial ingredients notably Glycolic Acid, which is great for brightening skin tone, removing dead skin cells and unblocking pores (tick, tick, tick!)

I'm really happy using these two products and have seen a noticeable difference in my skin in a short space of time. This won't rid your blemishes overnight but with consistent use, will refresh your skin and promote a brighter complexion. Like with any new products some might work for you and some might not, it's always good to trial new products for a few weeks to really see results. Not only has this cleanser cleared up a breakout I had a few weeks ago but the toner has also brightened up my skin tone, leaving it feeling renewed and I'm loving it.

What are your favourite REN products?

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  1. i heard about this, but didn't have any idea where to buy it though

    1. Hi Ann, you can buy directly from the REN website they ship internationally :)


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