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04 April, 2014


One of my TV guilty pleasures is Made in Chelsea (don't judge me!) next Monday you'll find me lounging on the sofa watching the 'cast' wonder around some of the most gorgeous parts of London - getting into well timed arguments (!) If you're not familiar with Chelsea then imagine perfect rows of white houses, slick iron fences and well manicured gardens as well as nails. Yep SW3 is pretty swish, so my sister and I hotfooted it there last night for a bite to eat and attend an event at Raffles club.

King's Road is full of immaculate stores, cute boutiques and nice restaurants but on this occasion I wanted to try out Tommy's Burger Joint - burger, fries and soda for less than £10 - in London? C'mon we were there faster than you can say 'darling!'

The small restaurant has an open kitchen at the back, super simple menu and you make your order at the counter. I admit burger and fries is nothing out of the ordinary but sometimes fast food just hits the spot. The fries were crispy and moorish and the burger tasty and not dry. It's not a greasy spoon cafe at all but super chilled out. The table turnaround is quite quick but if you want a bite to eat alone or with friends, this place is great and I can imagine very popular after a few drinks on a night out.

We were excited to attend the 'Girls' Drinks' event at Raffles, which was just down the road. There were a selection of guest speakers - from the founders of cold pressed detox juice Imbibery, skincare company Skinade as well as Stella & Dot Jewellery. There was also the chance to buy Benefit Cosmetics and mingle with the other girls. This event was well organised, the staff were friendly, with complimentary cocktails as well as popcorn. It was a fun and interesting evening - thank you Raffles! And as always had a great time with my sis Thuy.

Sipping on an Imbibery juice, tasty and not sugary sweet, before switching over to the vodka, mango and ginger beer cocktails :)

Have you been out and about around Chelsea?

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