16 April, 2014


Have you ever made a wish from blowing on a dandelion? I think I missed the memo on this when I was younger, probably too busy placing buttercups under my chin to see if it turned yellow (I'm not mad, it was a real game!) Anyway I won't reveal my wish but here are some things that's making me happy.

Longer days makes such a difference when you come home from work and still have lots of glorious day light. Saying that all I've been doing is staying in and catching up on new seasons of Girls, Suits and Revenge - ha!

Last weekend I got my butt outdoors to enjoy the weather down at my parents house, have a bbq and took a stroll with my brother and sister down a nearby woodland area. We don't have a garden in our flat, so any chance to chill outdoors is always nice.

Superficial as it may sound but when my skin is clear and I can wear less makeup, I feel more confidence and happy. I'm currently testing out Skinade, which is a collagen drink that you take once a day to helps to improve your skin by boosting your skin's natural collagen production. I have never seen my skin look and feel so good, I'm really impressed it's better than any skin product I've tried!

It's my birthday next week as well as my boyfriends, I don't like to make a big fuss on my birthday but I'm super happy and excited I'm going to spend it in Thailand this year. Can't wait for the fun experiences and memories!

P.S. I don't know if I'll be organised enough to schedule some posts whilst I'm away but feel free to follow me on twitter and instagram to keep up to date with my going ons.

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  1. I think I wish on everything - wells, dandelions, eyelashes!

    A birthday in Thailand sounds great. Happy Birthday for next week!

  2. Looking fresh and fancy free! So skinade is good then? Haven't started yet.

  3. You look radiant! Glad there's lots to be happy about xxx

  4. How fun to celebrate both your birthdays by taking a trip! Happy early birthday to the two of you and I hope you'll Instagram some of the envy-inducing scenes and eats while you're there :)


  5. Happy early birthday! Have fun on your trip!
    I think I make a wish on something at least once a day - matching time (like 11:11), blowing out my scented candles, blowing away fallen eyelashes... I don't know if it helps, but it's fun :)


  6. What a cute girl! Happy early birthday and have fun in Thailand.


  7. It's really good you should try it, taste ok too!

  8. Thanks Quinn, I think I may have too ;)

  9. Thanks Marianna! Ohh matching time that must be lucky! x


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