26 May, 2014

Next Newcomer Blog Award

In typical UK fashion it's cold and rainy on our national bank holiday but it's not all gloomy, as I decided on a whim to put my blog forward for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014! Next is sponsoring the event and have their own award for emerging talent - Next Newcomer Blog Award. I was excited to come across this category and think it's great for newer blogs like mine, which are 12 months old or less. Awards and numbers are by no means everything but definitely a great form of recognition and opportunity to nominate and support your favourite blogs.

I honestly don't think I will get very far but that's not the attitude right!? I don't see myself as well known in the blogging world at all but I love interacting with everyone that reads, comments and tweets about my blog. I would wholeheartedly appreciate it if you wanted to take the time to nominate me for this category. I hate the idea of spamming readers but I hope you guys don't see it like that.

It's super easy and barely takes no time at all, believe me I hate complicated and long winded online forms as well but this couldn't be simpler.

Click on this link or the image above to fill in the online form
Enter your email address
Add my blog URL, which is www.hanhabelle.com
Hit submit and that's it!

Please don't feel obligated to vote but if you enjoy reading my blog, I would sincerely appreciate the support. Leave a comment below if you do kindly vote, that would make me beyond happy and I probably won't believe it!

Thank you so much :)

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and really love it! Will nominate you! <3

    Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back!
    I have a new post everyday!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise



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