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02 July, 2014


Be Your Own Cheerleader
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This isn't a tribute post to the cheerleading film 'Bring it On' (which by the way I was obsessed with!) but as this is sort of an empowering post, maybe the pom poms can come out later...I noticed recently reading a few blog posts, self doubt cropping up and I was thinking as cringy as it sounds we should all be our own cheerleaders. Not in building a human pyramid kind of way but just celebrating the little things as well as the big things and not being afraid to be proud of our achievements. I know self confidence and self esteem can be things some of us struggle with or just take in our stride, or maybe you don't even think about?

For me self confidence is being comfortable with who you are and less about what's on the outside, nice clothes and makeup are confidence boosters but accepting yourself without always looking at the flaws, really can change your outlook on life.

I personally don't worry too much about what people think, not in an 'I think I'm better than you kind of way' but I'm less concerned about trying to please everyone. You catch my drift? If i'm always trying to compete and compare myself, than honestly it's just down hill from there! I rather use my energy to try and better myself in a positive way, at work or at home, or as a friend or partner.

I feel like a old lady saying this but for me confidence has grown with age. I feel much more secure, happy and content than I was years ago. I used to feel really self conscious, have low self esteem and I know it was holding me back. I slowly started making changes to my life and things started to turn around for the better, yes things do happen for a reason no matter how bad they seem! Do you ever feel this way too?

I'm quite an introvert but confident person, I like meeting new people, don't feel too awkward chatting to strangers or going to an event alone. I feel positivity attracts like minded people, if you surround yourself with people that bring you down than you're doing yourself no favours right? Of course I'm not going to be everyone's cup of tea but that's life! I've accepted the way I look, I'm never going to have perfect hair, skin or body shape but you know what, being perfect is over rated ;)

Being inspired by bloggers is one of the main thing I love about blogging as well as all the lovely blogging interaction. Saying that I wanted to add in a few of my favourite blogs at the moment because I love supporting bloggers and also because you girls rock!

Marianna - Impression Blend - Marianna knows how to do great beauty review, youTube videos as well as book and film reviews!
Meg - Boho Nouveau - Meg is a babe, stylish traveller, I reckon she would look good even in a bin bag, haha.
Paula - Simplicity is Beauty - gorgeous girl, you will be lusting after her travel and food posts!
Quinn - Desgettier - Quinn is one classy chick, super creative with great photography.
Camey - La Petite Primp -  Camey's blog is creative, minimalistic with great style.
Alyson - Beauty Vanity - Alyson lives in San Francisco and her beauty posts are one of my fav!

My favourite mottos are do what makes you happy & never apologise for being you :)

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