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20 July, 2014


Summer beauty products.

The heat is on in the city and boy is it hot! Actually 20 degree is considered balmy in the UK and it'll probably be raining by tomorrow haha. Anyway here are some of my most love beauty products during the warmer months, as you can see I like to amp up the SPF!

I'm sure you all know the benefits of wearing SPF, even if I'm stepping out on a cloudy day I make sure I have at least factor 15 on my face. I dread the idea of sun spots, wrinkles and ageing my skin faster than necessary. I never used to think about wearing SPF under my eyes but after a skin consultation at Shiseido a few years ago, they said I had slight sun damage around my eyes and I totally freaked out! There's something very unnerving about seeing your skin under the radar.

It's quite hard to find an eye cream with SPF, the one I use is the Boots Time Delay Mature Skin Eye Cream. As well as protecting the delicate eye area against harmful rays, it claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. The texture is very indulgence and creamy as it's aimed for more mature, drier skin. It doesn't blend that well under my eyes but I use just a small amount and dab it in gently. I'm still on the hunt for a more suitable eye cream, any suggestions?

I've declared my love for the ARK anti ageing skin protector SPF 30 Primer* before but it really is a great product. It's a nice lightweight texture that blends in effortless without leaving a white cast. It's the perfect base for foundation and I love the pump bottle, which you can control how much product you want. It also contains vitamin E and shea butter to sooth and nourish the skin. A winner in my eyes but currently only available in the UK.

When the sun rays are extra strong or if I want to reapply a facial SPF during the day I  use the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Ultra Light Fluid. Their sun protection range is quite extensive and you're bound to find one for your skin type. This one is aimed at normal to combination skin and contains all the protection you could need from photostable UVA/UVB and a whopping SPF of 50+.  As well as protecting your skin from sun damage, it's water resistance and also suitable for sensitive skin.

The first time I open the product I was surprised to find it so runny but I quickly worked it into my skin. It's fragrance free which is a nice bonus but I noticed it does look a little white on my skin. It is however easy to blend in and extremely light weight, you can't feel it on your skin and actually leaves a shine free matte finish. The white cast doesn't bothered me too much as if I'm out in the sun all day I'd rather that extra protection! The bottle is nice and light and easy to pack for travel.

A summery scent is always nice to spritz on, I don't own many perfumes but love the smell of the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. It's a nice florally feminine scent, without any overbearing sweetness. It doesn't last super long but I'm yet to find one that does! What are your favourite summery scents? I also really like the bottle, looks cute on the dresser.

One of my go to summer nail polishes is the Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect in Pinkberry, it's a bright pink and lasts ages. I also like their Blueberry shade, I worn it for a week on holiday and it held up really well. For £3.99 they're super affordable and all their shades are nice and shiny. Who doesn't like shiny things :)

*PR sample

What are your summer favourites beauty items?

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