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06 July, 2014


Wedding Planning

Every time I think of a wedding planner, J-Lo pops in my head, rom-coms about wedding? Yep they're my guilty pleasure. Sadly no wedding planner in tow but since getting engaged in May, I've wasted no time getting organised and planning - notice I not we haha! It kinda feels like a part time job on top of my full time job - I think they call it #wedmin! Here are some things I've found that have made wedding planning easier, because time is always the essence right?


The top 3 things Hang and I have focused on is viewing as much venues as possible, that's the only way to see what you both like or don't like. Secondly don't utter the word Wedding unless necessary, quotes suddenly get bigger and bigger and lastly get your guest list drafted out as soon as you can - it really helps with narrowing down venue spaces and availability and seeing how much room you have to work with.


I've mentioned my love for this site before but seriously it's a haven of ideas, tips, tricks and weird and wonderful things you would never think of before! It's a great reference point when I'm discussing ideas with florists or cake makers, as well as being easy to share with friends or bridesmaids your train of thought one one site.

Suppliers List

Even thought our wedding is over a year away, I've started putting together a suppliers and vendors list. I put in key numbers, business cards, website links for photographers as well as where they're based or where you know them from (handy for mates rates or trying to get a discount!) My current top 3 vendors are for cakes, flowers and photography. If you guys know any great London based vendors, please let me know below, I'll be forever grateful!

Budget Planner

Instead of jotting random estimates here and there, I downloaded a budget list in excel with the formula's built in. It's scary but getting those estimates in allows me to see what we're working with. I try not to underestimate how much things cost, such as stationary, chair covers or wedding rings. I feel a bit sick every time I see the figures but it's important to see if we're in budget or where we can scrimp and save on.


Even though we are in the digital age, I still prefer to write down ideas than on my phone or on an app. My sister kindly got me a 'Little Black Book', oh the irony but I love it. I jot down little ideas on the go, key dates to remember or clip in business cards. 

Not wedding favours, but this really is the time I've been starting to call in favours and seek friends advice. I've been talking to friends who have been to lots of weddings for their tips and advice, someone always knows someone who might be a florist, bakes cakes or an amazing photographer. I'm sure they would be happy to help out a bride to be :)

Do you have any wedding tips and tricks?

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