21 September, 2014


5 Blogging Rules You Can Break

OK technically there aren't set blogging rules but like with any rules, such as not mixing prints or wearing white after Labor Day, here are some that I think can be broken...

Connect on all social media

Ok so you don't use Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, or Pinterest it's not the end of the blogging world. It doesn't mean readers will be less interested in you or your blog! I don't have Facebook because I really dislike that platform. Just use the platforms you like, I mean I still don't get Google+ does anyone? Just as long as there's an avenue for people to read your blog such as through Bloglovin, as well as a contact email, then you're good to go! Blogs existed before social media and they did just fine right?

Post Regularly

Having a blog routine is a good idea, I'm currently trying to keep on a schedule of posting twice a week - Wednesdays and Sundays but if I miss a post or post an extra one, it's no big deal. Don't feel like you have to follow suit to other people's schedule, it may just not fit in with your routine. Letting your blog content grow naturally is better than posting something just for the sake of it, feels half hearted.

Having a good camera

Yes beautifully shot images can draw readers in but don't get caught up in having a high tech camera and an array of different lenses. It's not the be all or end all of your blog, just as long at the image and content is clear than people will still enjoy reading it. It took me some time to find my photography style and it didn't take a super fancy camera, just my little Sony and taking the time to get the best out of my photos through composition and editing.

Post a review only once

Fresh and new content is great but sometimes I like to revisit old topics or products that I've reviewed before. It's ok to blog about a product you posted previously but in a different format or content to make it interesting. It just shows how much you love a product to mention it more than once, you might have discovered something new about it!

Stick to one genre

A niche blog may be more popular but just because you write a beauty, fashion, food or travel blog, it doesn't mean you can't write about other topics now and then. As long as it's honest and your writing style, it's ok to branch out as it shows different sides of your personality. If readers like the general vibe of your blog then I'm sure they'll be back for more - it's good to go off piste :)

Have you broken any of these 'rules'?

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  1. I agree on some with you! I cannot definitely keep track of all social media at once! I have a life outside of the blog which I love and cannot be involved with blogging in the after hours :-) I think one does need a good camera! Visual appeal is really important and good pictures go a long way I think! :-)


  2. It's so easy to get hung up on blogging and all that comes with it, like I'm not great at networking through social media at all and sometimes it can feel overwhelming or I'll worry that I'll loose my followers but I still need a life outside of it all. So I just try my best and hope it's good enough! Great tips :) x

    Beauty with charm

  3. I totally agree with all points. Many people don't realize that a fancy dslr isn't a requirement for great photos. Anyone can work wonders in Photoshop! xx

  4. I'm glad to see this post. I have Twitter, but honestly, I don't get it. I feel like I'm talking to myself and it's my least favorite. I love using Bloglovin and Google+ to connect (okay so communities). When I restarted my blog I decided I'm going to write about whatever I want (beauty, style, life).

    Aissa // Layer It Up

  5. I like it when my favourite bloggers talk about other things outside makeup/beauty sometimes. There's more to life than that, and if I'm interested in the blogger as a person, I want them to branch off and talk about their life sometimes!

  6. I don't even understand how Google+ works haha, I've been thinking about the "stick to one genre" rule, sometimes I feel like sharing something that doesn't go with my blog but I feel like I'd be betraying it or idk, aha I'm going ot have to give it a go!

    | www.noirettediary.com |

  7. Haha I break all the ones that apply! I haven't really linked my social media to the blog because I like interaction through comments (and I feel like I'm oversharing already), and my blog doesn't have a genre.

  8. Absolutely agree with all of these. Some of my best photos are from my iPhone and even though I've blogging nearly 4 years, I've only recently set up my facebook page, and now rarely use it anyway!

  9. I agree Divya, I love blogging but don't want to devote social media round the clock for it!
    Yes an amazing photo always has me hooked :)

  10. Hi Alina, I don't think you should worry too much about loosing followers, I'm sure that's not the case! Even though social media is great for networking, I prefer commenting on posts :)

  11. Thanks Melissa, I agree I always tweak my photos in photoshop and other applications. I just make sure I shoot in natural lighting to get the best out of my photos :)

  12. I agree, I only use Twitter and Instagram and that's enough for me!

  13. Definitely agree with you on these, especially the last point, I love coming up with new content to keep things interesting. xx


  14. Hi Julie, yes new content and ideas is a must even, if it means branching out of your blog bubble :)

  15. I agree with all these! Especially the one about having a niche. I really love reading blogs that post about a varity of different topics they are interested in. It just makes a blog much more fresh and fun to read.


  16. I'm glad you agree Lauren, as they say variety is the spice of life :)

  17. I just started my blog and have been wondering if I need a new camera so it's great now feeling I don't need to go out and buy one, thanks so much if you have time I would much appreciate you checking out my blog

    Pretty Little Things

  18. I love this post because many bloggers and many readers have certain rules & predispositions in their mind that they believe "is right" or the end all be all as you refer to; it's important that we don't stick to the trend and each do whatever feels right for us. I'm a big believer in blogging because I want to and when I want to and the pictures that go along with it are the pictures that suited my liking. Like I said, I'm loving this post :)

    xx, Ada www.adaatude.com

  19. Hi Abi, thanks for stopping by. A good camera is a good investment in the long run, but you don't need to spend a fortune!

  20. Hi Ada, I agree! It feels so much better to blog your way than the supposive 'right' way :)
    Thanks for reading xx

  21. Haha, Google+ ! Who has time to figure out what that's all about. As a blog reader, I only read the actual blogs & Dont follow any twitter, Instagram etc, dont even use bloglovin haha! As long as the content is good & posting is regular I'll keep coming back.


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