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29 October, 2014


5 People You Need In Your Life

They say the company you keep is a reflection of you and I couldn't agree more. The people that you spend the most time with should have a positive impact on your life, because life's too short for bad vibes right? Spending your days around negative people will eventually rub off on you and zap your motivation. We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve, no matter how big or small so having certain types of people around will definitely help bring out the best in us.

The believers

Not to be mistaken with beliebers (!) We all need people who will support our choices and decisions or when we want to take a leap of faith. Someone who will listen without judgment, even if that means a career change, possibly moving to another country or taking up a crazy new sport. I'm sure we all have this kind of person in our lives, who we can turn to. My fiance Hang is the most non judgemental, kind and supportive person I know, even when I talk about my crazy ideas he's always there for me.

The doers

We all know that one person who's always on the go and really living life, not just talking about it! My sister Thuy is an amazing example of someone who doesn't just let life pass her by, she pursues her passions, travels to destinations that excite her and pushes herself physically in a way I could never do! When I message her she's going to a boot camp or insanity class and a few months ago completed Tough Mudder! Hearing about her experiences inspire me that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it - go sis!

The dreamers

I really admire those who dreams big, I mean big big. I have a friend who is not afraid to say they're driven by money and wants a secure future. They set plans in place on how they will achieve things, not waiting for things to come their way and work really hard. People who complain about not having enough money or opportunities but aren't doing anything about it, can't expect things to fall into their laps right? You want to be around people who have the aspiration to try, even if it means failing.

The thinkers

As they say knowledge is power, there's always so much we can learn from others. I like to get guidance and advice from people I trust, it can be a friend, colleague or a tutor. There's so much information out there and turning to a mentor type figure can help us achieve and hone in on our goals, such a preparing for an interview or starting up a new business venture. Don't be afraid to ask questions, absorb, challenge and always keep learning!

The role model  

Having someone to aspire or look up is great to keep us motivated and feeling inspired. You hear a lot of You tubers being labeled role models, which is nice as they are in the public eye and can influence a lot of people but it doesn't have to be someone on line. Saying that one role model that I admire is Lauren Conrad (watching The Hills was totally my guilty pleasure!) She has gone on to be a successful business woman, supporting charities and all the while creating a strong brand. She doesn't get caught in media gossip but focuses on exploring creative projects such as The Little Market. I love that she's more than just blond hair and cute clothes. Who's your role model?

Do you have these kind of people in your lives?

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