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10 December, 2014


 Skills I've Gained From Blogging

The first blog I remember coming across was a girl on Live Journal many moons ago - does anyone remember that platform?! I loved her witty writing and quirky photography. Fast forward a few years and instead of thinking I had nothing worth while to contribute online, I set up Hanhabelle and just went with it. I didn't have a plan or know where I really wanted to take it. One thing's for sure there's definitely more to blogging than pretty photos and fancy fonts. Here are 6 skills that I've gained from blogging, let me know if you agree with any of these!


I've always seen myself as a creative person, studying arty rather than academic subjects at school and working in creative industries. Blogging has given me the chance to really hone in on my creative side, thinking up fresh content as well as develop my photography. There are so many creative elements that you can incorporate with blogging - writing, story telling, graphic design, photography, typography - the list is endless! Blogging lets me be inspired and hopefully inspire others too :)


Whether you blog once, twice or 5 times a week, creating content and keeping on top of things definitely requires discipline and dedication. It can take several hours to shoot photos, then draft and edit posts. I always feel if you're going to do something, then you should do it properly! It's not always easy to fit in blogging with a full time job and generally living life but developing the discipline to work this into my daily routine pays off. It allows me to create something I'm proud off and focus my attention on.


Every blogger has a certain style and brand that they've developed and probably still perfecting. You don't have to have a super slick web design or know HTML inside out but chances are you've learnt the basics on designing your blog template and banner. I didn't have a clue about Photoshop or HTML before but it's been good to learn, as they're always handy skills to have in your back pocket.


Being part of an online community is pretty darn cool. I always felt being online, you can end up feeling anonymous but in fact blogging makes me feel connected. Talking to like minded people, engaging with you guys and going to events can really open up our networking skills. I know every blogger says this but the interactive side really makes it worthwhile, I love showing support to other bloggers and forming new friendships.


Blogging and being organised goes hand in hand. You have to have some sort of a plan, to do lists or editorial calendar to keep on top of your blog. It takes time to plan shoots, write up and schedule posts as well as promote your blog online. Being organised is a skill you can transfer to any role or task and having a blog really helps me keep things on track, manage my time as well as have a balance between my work and life.


Putting yourself out there online, whether it's posting a beauty review, life update or advice post can feel out of your comfort zone but you know what, it's worth taking the risk! I use to feel the need to keep up with other bloggers and buy new makeup to review but now I create content that fits in with me and who I am. Don't write to please other people. I love bloggers who go against the norm and are a bit different. Your blog is what you make of it so don't be afraid to take risks!

What skills have you gained from blogging?


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