14 December, 2014


Collect Moments Not Things
I love shopping as the next person but lately I haven't felt excited or been craving that shopping rush. I know it's Christmas but even the Mr hasn't received a wish list from me - that's crazy right?! It's not all bad as I like to think there's more to life than new things. I don't want to look back and think what have I done with my life, as it's passes by way too quickly. I'm not an adrenaline junkie by any means, so you won't find me jumping out of a plane anytime soon (!) but I want to look back at the moments I've collected and not so much the things. Here's my thoughts on making the most out of life.

Just say yes!

We can always make more money but we can never have more time. Time to try something new, experience new places, do things that you always dreamt of doing. I used to make excuses whenever someone asked me to go somewhere or do something - I'm busy, I'm tired or it'll cost a lot. As much as I love being a homebody there's a part of me that has been saying yes to more things this year. Even if it's meant going to certain events alone and being out of my comfort zone, I've had the chance to meet interesting people, experience different surroundings and take advantage of living in a great city like London.

Consume less

We all work hard for our money so I don't want to this to sound preachy but lately I've just been consuming a lot less stuff. I don't find myself getting excited by new clothes or makeup. It's probably just a phase....I'll be raiding Topshop next week I'm sure! I've just been enjoying life without the shopping bags and it's been pretty good. Also with the Wedding next year my focus has been on saving, so that contributes a lot to my disposable income. I even spent less on my wedding dress than I planned, so we could spend more on our Honeymoon :) Obviously it's nice having new things and to treat ourselves, who doesn't like that but I also want to enjoy more experiences when I can.

Travel more

Earlier this year I said to the Mr I really want to go to Thailand but it's not cheap, can we afford it? So we started looking at cheaper city breaks but then I thought you know what, I'll be kicking myself if we didn't go to Thailand so we booked the tickets and it turned out to be the best holiday of my life! You can read about my Thailand trip, which is where we also got engaged :) I'm so glad we didn't just take the cheaper option, of course not everyone has the luxury to jump on a plane but with every trip I think of it as an investment to yourself, it makes you rich in culture and experiences that money can't buy. I've also been on several stay cations in England this year, which haven't broken the bank. There's so many great places out there and I really want to make the most of it!

Treasure the moments
Life passes by even faster every year as we get older. Didn't time feel like it stood still when we were younger? I really want to treasure happy moments, make more time to spend it with people that matter to me and really appreciate what I have. My friend said 'you can't take money to your grave so best to just enjoy life!' that's so true, I want to look back over the days, months and years and think yes there were great moments - so lets make the most of it!

How to you feel about collecting 'moments'?

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  1. Your thoughts really echo my own! I have been buying nearly no makeup for the past 4 months now and except for a few essentials and clothing which has been gifts from parents I have not been spending money. After traveling around a bit its become my priority to save money for traveling more and explore the world! So happy to know that you think this way it always helps to have someone who shares your thoughts! Lots of love and all the best wishes for the wedding!


  2. While it's so fun to shop, and is fine, I do think experiences should take top priority. My disposable income is quite low at the moment as I'm saving to study abroad, and the thought of that is much more exciting than any makeup product could make me.


  3. I absolutely love this post, you've got a similar outlook on life as me and I think it's SO important to be grateful for what we have and appreciate everything we're lucky enough to have. You're so right about life passing by quickly, I don't know where this year has gone and it makes me even more determined to make the most of each day - it isn't always easy as I live with a disabling chronic illness, but I do try to find good things in every day, no matter how ill I feel, knowing that waking up in the morning is a privilege. Life is too short not to live as fully as you possibly can :)

    Meg | meg-says.com

  4. I really need to consume less and focus on other things instead. I really want to get my finances sorted out but I struggle with saving so much.

    Loved this post :)

    Corinne x

  5. Thank you for sharing, loving this post a lot!


  6. I have just completely fallen in love with your blog! This post especially has inspired me. I think from 2015 I need to do this a lot more as sometimes I think of how my days are passing me by and I'm not making the most of them.
    I really loved your post on feeling down. You have a such a way with words that makes everything just seem clearer.
    New follower over here!

    Collette xxxx

  7. That's an amazing thing to save up for, it will be so rewarding and you're right it's something you can really feel excited about :)

  8. Hi Meg, thanks for your comment and I'm glad you feel the same way. I love your determination and positive outlook even with your condition, life is out there for us to grab and enjoy!

  9. Hi Corinne, you're right saving money is not easy! I just try focus on things that will really benefit my life, it's so easy to get caught up with material things but I think of the bigger picture :)

  10. Aww Tegan I know when we feel tired we don't have the energy to go out! I used to get in a rut of just saying no but lately I've been enjoying myself when I go out :)

  11. Thank you so much Collette, you comment has made my day! I know I feel the same way as well but lately I really want to make the most of my life and enjoy things :)

    That's very kind, I always feel nervous writing these kinds of posts but it's all worth it if someone out there enjoys reading them. xx

  12. I'm so glad you agree Divya, I was a bit nervous about this post as I thought we live in such a consumer driven world - so it's really nice and reassuring to read your thoughts! Yes traveling is a great motivator for me too, whilst we're young and have the freedom we should see as much as we can :) xx

  13. It's so true that whenever we look back on things, we always think I'm so glad I went there or I'm so glad I did this, not I'm so glad I bought that! Plus, whenever I curb my spending I find that I think a lot more about what I actually need, so in a strange way, end up with more by buying less! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  14. I definitely need to start saying yes more. I think my anxiety gets in the way a lot, but I need to try harder to stop it doing that! It had prevented me from experiencing a lot of different things.

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  15. totally agree with your motto! while gift giving is nice, the shared experiences and time spent together are priceless :)


  16. Loved reading this. It's important to focus on what matters most to you :)


  17. I feel the same way Kate, I always remember the experiences and memories more than the things in my wardrobe! I used to be a real impulse buyer but I think twice before I buy anything these days!

  18. I can imagine dealing with anxiety can be difficult to do things out of your comfort zone. I hope you'll be able to try more things in your own time, I tend to think what's the worse that can happen :)
    Thanks for reading Alice xx

  19. I completely agree Carolyn! shared moments is what life is about :)
    Just read a few of your wedding posts, you looked stunning :)

  20. Thanks for reading Erica :)

  21. This is so good and exactly how I want to live my life. Especially prioritizing your time and money - I'd, no doubt, rather cut the shopping and spend that sum on experiences as small as having a meal out with a friend. I also loved what you wrote about traveling. When I do travel, I tend to go pretty much all out and it's always made the best and most loveable memories :) (Oh, and I'm actually heading over to Thailand later this week!)

  22. Consumption is a never ending cycle that snowballs into wanting more and more. It's really hard not to get sucked up in it, seeing all the blogs, instagram posts, friend's new purchases, etc., but it's always a good reminder to realize that buying things will never bring real joy. Love that you're an advocate of travel too! I think memories and new experiences are the best learning tools and the best things you can collect!

    Characters &

  23. I love this quote! I use to be much more materialistic when I was younger. But now I treasure just a few nice things instead. I still love to shop and splurge every now and then, but like you, I don't feel the same excitement as I used to. Travelling more and treasuring moments and experiences are definitely well worth the money spent! Great post!

  24. Thank Eileen! Yes I love the memories and experiences I have from Traveling. I was the same I used to covet so many things when I was younger now I like a treat now and then :)

  25. I know what you mean Joyce, I used to think I wanted every new thing people were posting online but it doesn't give me the same buzz anymore! Yes you can't beat that feeling of exploring a new country :)

  26. I'm the same, going out for a meal or saving up for a trip brings me more joy than any material things. Ohhh have the most amazing time in Thailand, i'm super jealous hehe.

  27. Everything here is so spot on! If I have a £1000 to spend on a bag or for traveling, it is always the latter. Traveling really opens up our minds and until we see the rest of world, we live in our own little bubbles. I believe in creating memories, and lately with my spending ban in place, I've learning to re-love things I already own =)


  28. Definitely!! Nothing beats saving up and going on holiday, building memories like you said :)


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