28 December, 2014


How To Have The Best Relationship With Yourself

You can have the most amazing people around you but the relationship you have with yourself is the one we should invest in the most. Yes looking after number one here. Sounds straightforward right - how can we not have the best relationship with ourselves? From my own experience it's taken me a while to really accept who I am and be comfortable in my own skin. By finally embracing myself, I couldn't be happier. Whatever ups and downs life throws at you, here's some thoughts to help us have the best relationship with ourselves.

Let go of fear

We all fear the unknown, the fear of rejection and the fear of letting people down. When we let go of this notion we can truly allow ourselves to be happy. We can't go through life worrying about all the bad things that's going to happen or what might go wrong. Take a leap of faith and don't be afraid to try!


We all pick at our faults and weaknesses I know I do, but over the last few years I've really stopped worrying so much and just accepted who I am. There may be parts of my body I'm not happy with but just as long as I'm healthy that's the most important thing. It's too easy to get hung up with our flaws when we should embrace the body we have and focus on our well being.

Self belief

'She believe she could so she did' I love this quote because we all have dreams and passions we want to pursue, but it's not til we believe in ourselves then we can truly succeed. Don't give up on something before you've even started, I always push myself to try something even if I might fail miserable. You'll never know your full potential if we don't let ourselves fly!

Love wholeheartedly

Learning to love who you are allows us to have the best relationship with ourselves. Don't let others tell you how to live your life or try and please others. Accept your imperfections, be proud of your qualities and love others with a open heart.

Treat others how you want to be treated

Lastly good old karma, I really do believe we get back when we put out in the world. Living life with a grudge on our shoulder, building up resentment, not getting pass the negative doesn't do anyone any favours. Treating others how you want to be treated means good vibes all around, simple :)

Has your relationship with yourself changed?

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  1. I do believe in karma, what goes around comes around. I definitely have some fear I need to let go of though... Great post!

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  2. Beautiful post! I think this is so important to remember, especially at the start of a new year. Thanks for sharing Hanh :)

  3. I find letting go of fear really hard sometimes - something I need to work on I guess!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. This is so true and well written! Hope you had a great Christmas babe, and hopefully an even better new year xx

    find me on 9outoften.com

  5. This was such a great post!! So inspiring :)

    <3 New Reader


  6. I'm sure we all have fear to let go...I'm still trying to get there!

    Thanks for reading Tegan :)

  7. Thanks Lauren, hope you have an amazing New Year! xx

  8. Me too, somethings I just have to think what's the worse that can happen?

  9. Thanks girl :) Hope you have an amazing New Year! xx

  10. I've always believed that in order to give the best of ourselves to those we love, we need to take care of ourselves first! Sometimes that's hard to do, and I can definitely relate to picking at my own weaknesses sometimes and being too hard on myself. It's good to be reminded to cut myself some slack every now and then! Lovely post. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  11. I'm glad you agree Kate, I know it's not easy putting ourselves first but it's makes such a difference to my outlook on things :)

  12. I've just discovered your blog & I'm so glad I did... Your posts are so inspiring!

    Charlotte Louise x

  13. Thanks so much Charlotte! That's so lovely to hear :)

  14. I loved this! You write such inspirational 'personal' posts! And yes I so believe in Karma =)



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