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11 February, 2015


Don't Quit Your Day Dream

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Inspirational posts have to come from the heart so I hope you guys don't mind me opening up mine today. Firstly, I'm not really a big risk taker, I usually take the safe option, the sure bet, the one with the secure outcome. I like knowing what income I'm taking home every month, making sure my bills are paid on time and I'm financially secure. But am I really happy with what I do everyday? No.

My workplace is perfectly pleasant, I can't complain but I feel like my creative stimulation is getting stunted everyday. I feel like that part of my brain just sits that stagnant, unable to thrive. That's why I pour my energy into my blog, it's my creative haven and I'm so thankful for it and what I've built over the last year.

I studied film studies all through college, university then worked in the film and TV industry as a trainee editor and assistant editor (credits here) for around 6 years. It was amazing and so rewarding, I loved it but finding work for myself was tough. It just wasn't for me, I really tried to get myself out there but wasn't confident in myself or my skills to get work on my own.  

I felt like I let myself down, I couldn't pursue my passion for film.

I was out of work for months and living on the breadline. I could barely afford to pay the rent. Fast forward a few years I worked in office based jobs in creative industries, with regular income, I was finally financially stable. I brought a home with my partner, I felt settled.

But why is there a part of me that feels this isn't enough? Do I want to sit at my desk all day working for other people, for the rest of my working life? No. I want to reconnect my passion and skills for film making. You're probably thinking why don't I just make YouTube videos? That is a great space of course but I'm thinking potentially as a long term business, I want to make creative videos for clients, wedding videos, special occasions, I want to make dreams come alive for other people.

I have a few ideas already, this is probably the wrong timing what with the wedding coming up but you know what, no more excuses! I'm excited to pursue this dream of mine and see where it takes me. I'm not going to quit my day job just yet but I'm going to take steps to make my dream a reality.

If I fail then at least I tried.

Thank you so much for reading this long rambly post, I really hope it inspires you in a small way to really do what makes you happy. Whatever dream you have inside of you, it's never to late to make it happen!

What are your dreams?

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