15 April, 2015


Fears to Overcome & Let Go to Really Succeed

Secretly I love to be this badass chick without a care or worry in the world but in reality it's not easy to be fearless all of the time. There are definitely ways we can overcome certain fears and just start living. I wholeheartedly believe once we start letting go of certain fears, we can truly just be - be content and be ourselves.


Do you ever stop yourself from doing something from the fear of worrying what people think? It can be from wearing a certain outfit, stating an opinion or pursuing a different career path. I used to worry about what people thought of me, do they like me, what if people laugh at me? As time goes on, I've learnt to worry less about what other people think. We can't get caught up and be self conscious about the opinions of everyone else - focus on your needs and do things that make you happy.


Have you ever sold yourself short from fear on thinking you weren't good enough? We all have skills, passions and dreams we want to follow but don't let that stop you from showing people how great you really are! It's easy to underplay our skills and talents but turn those feelings of doubt into something positive, make other people believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. We may not be naturally gifted in certain areas but don't let that stop you from learning, developing and practising - you've heard the saying 'Fake it 'til you make it!'


It's only natural we don't want to intentionally let down the people that we care and love but we can't let this fear hold us back. Stopping yourself from doing something in fear of letting other downs will only hold you back. Sometimes we have to make decisions for ourselves and follow the path we dream of.


This is a big fear I'm sure we've all faced at some points in our lives. So many times in the past I would stop myself from pushing myself to really do the things I wanted, even from asking a guy out on a date for the fear of rejection to applying for a job I felt was out of my reach. Now I don't want to have regrets from not even trying. So you might not get the answers you want but just imagine if you did? Instead of thinking what if I fail, think what if I succeed? 

How do you overcome your fears?

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  1. Loved this post, and it's definitely something I've been needing to read recently. There's many changes I want to make but I'm too afraid! Now I can start to put these fears in the back of my mind and actually go for it :)

    Thank you for this post lovely! xx

  2. I always constantly feel like I'm not good enough, but I agree that it shouldn't stop us from being persistent to keep on practising and improving! Beautiful, inspiring post. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you Hazel, glad it came at the right time for you :) I feel the same sometimes, being afraid is normal but finding ways to overcome these fears really help us to be the best we can b! xx

  4. Definitely! I'm sure you have a lot to give, believing we can do things or at least trying is a step in the right direction. Thanks so much for reading Joanne :)

  5. Love love love LOVEEEEEEE THIS!

  6. #1 and #4 really hit home for me. Great post as always Hanh :) Just wanted to say hi -- and how's the new camera? Do I need it? ;) I'm looking to make a special purchase to reward myself for getting into nursing school, and I'm toying with camera equipment vs. jewelry vs. handbags lol!

  7. Hey dude! How you been girl? Oh wow congrats on getting in nursing school, that's amazing! Yes the camera is a dream, I didn't buy the right memory card though - my bro said I need the SDXC extreme card to enable the full XAVCS insane quality right? (I'm currently using AVCHD)

    I'm shooting a video for my friend's cooking channel this weekend, i'll let you know how it looks! Ahh the struggles of treating yourself, the camera was a super early birthday present to myself, haha!

  8. Oh man, I'm so familiar with every single one of these. Right now #2 is the one I'm struggling with the most. I have no idea why—it hasn't really been a big issue before, but right now I'm second-guessing every move because of it. Loved this post!

  9. Hi Marianna, so nice to hear from you :) I think it's only natural to doubt ourselves, If I ever feel like I'm not good enough. I look at ways on how I can better myself, improve on skills, learn something new and hopefully things will all come together. Thanks for reading M :) xx

  10. I love this so much. #1 is definitely a biggie for me. It tends to waver in strength, but it's always there, like an uninvited guest. It's something I'm working on constantly. Very inspiring post!!

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories

  11. Hi Alyssa, thanks - glad you enjoy this post! I agree with you, it's always at the back of my head too but the more I've pushed it aside, I can actually go on living the life that I want :)


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