12 April, 2015


Scarlett of Soho

Who doesn't like options when it comes to fashion and putting your outfits together? I wear the same glasses everyday, so when I came across this glasses subscription service from Scarlett of Soho, I was pretty excited to find out more.

They have a range of super stylish frames, which you can 'subscribe' to on a monthly bases, with the option to change from 2 to unlimited frames a year depending on your plan (ranging from £10 to £25 a month.) If you love glasses designs such as Cutler and Gross, London Retro and Scout these Scarlett of Soho designs will suit that quirky and hipster vibe to the tee.

I love how Scarlett of Soho have taken away the commitment of paying for just 1 expensive pair of glasses, which let's be honest doesn't always go with every look or occasion. Their home try on service is free (how good is that as I know some other companies charge) and allows you to choose up to 3 glasses to try for up to 5 working days. Plenty of time to play around with the frames, gets some opinions and see which one suits your face shape. They make it super easy for you to send them back with the pre paid box as well.

Scarlett of SohoScarlett of Soho

I chose the Hartnell in Translucent olive frames, they are made from Italian acetate and the oval shape looks gorgeous in this olive, tortoise shell design. The frame themselves are slightly smaller than I like as the top of the glasses comes under my eyes but hey that's what the try on kit it for right?

Scarlett of Soho

The second pair I chose to try on were the Novak in crystal ombre. These extra large frames are my kind of style and suit my face shape. I don't usually like black frames as I find them too heavy for my skin tone but the two tone design really balance out my face. What do you guys think? Defo thumbs up for me and I totally see myself rocking these frames!

Scarlett of Soho

Lastly I picked the Tucker in Translucent Olive, the frames are slightly smaller in a more rectanglular shape. The frames don't cover my eyes as well and come up too close to my eye lashes (flat nose problem.)

I love the idea of mixing and matching frames and having the option to switch out new glasses. I've also had really good customer service experience from the SoS team and the website covers any FAQ you might have. Now there's no excuse not to have a pair of glasses to go with any outfit!

The best part is if you fancy trying out the service for yourself, you can have 1 month subscription free courtesy of Scarlett of Soho! Using my code: HN2015 I would love to know which styles you choose if you decide to try it out for yourself. 

Which pair are your favourite?

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  1. Looks like a great brand and lovely packaging!


  2. These look like awesome glasses. The first one looks best on you in my opinion! And I can definitely see the hipster vibe you're talking about here. Still, these are really pretty!


  3. Great Subscription and the glasses look great! My favourite pair would be the second one :) Lovely review

    Stephanie | www.dearstephiiie.com

  4. This is such a cool idea. I think it's so easy to feel under pressure when trying to pick glasses, and in the process walk away with one of the first pairs you try just "get it done with". Such a good way of finding the perfect pair :)


  5. Yes I think it's a great brand!

  6. I know the style are really on trend, aww thanks!

  7. Thanks Stephanie! I know I love the 2nd pair too, thanks for reading :)

  8. Definitely especially when glasses are getting more expensive! I think it's a great idea to try before choosing a pair :)

  9. I know I think it's a great idea! Let me know if you use the home kit :) Thanks Lucy! xx

  10. They all really suit your face! What a great idea x

  11. Thanks! You should give them a try, I've got a code above :)

  12. You look amazing in every single pair (much better than I did!) I think my favourite has to be the Hartnell, followed closely by the Novak! :)
    I'm having serious photo envy by the way, your photography is amazing <3

    Becki | www.beautyandthebrunette.co.uk

  13. Aww thank you Becki! No you look gorgeous in the glasses, that what made me want to get some for
    myself, hehe. Thanks again for introducing me to this great brand!

    Have a great day sweetie xx


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