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31 May, 2015


Gentle eye makeup removers

It's always fun putting on makeup but why is taking it off feel like a chore?! Whether I'm rocking light or heavy eye makeup, I make sure I have a selection of gentle yet effective eye makeup removers to take away the last traces of all that shadow and kohl. Here are 3 of my favourites that my peepers love.

The Body Shop eye makeup remover

First up is an old favourite from The Body Shop. Their travel size Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is perfect to throw in your bag if you're going away and it's liquid formula is gentle enough for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. They also do a waterproof version which I also love but this version is great for non waterproof makeup. I soak a cotton pad and press gently over my eye to remove and dissolve my makeup. I try not to rub as that's not great for the eyes or lashes!

The Body Shop eye makeup remover

A great all round cleanser and makeup remover is The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, I have to admit I didn't love this product at first because of the smell but now it's a firm favourite and I always repurchase it! For £10 it lasts for ages and works wonders when removing heavy eye makeup. I pump the oil on the palm of my hand and rub gently around my eyes, I then add water onto my skin to remove my makeup. My skin feels pump and fresh after I wash it off and not oily or greasy. This is great if you really want to get down and dirty and remove your makeup!

Benefit They're real eye makeup remover 
A new addition to my collection is the Benefit They're Real Remover. The creamy gel feel so gentle and soothing on the eyes and really removes all traces of waterproof mascara, liner you name it! I squeeze out a small amount on a cotton pad and pat gently over my eyes, it doesn't irritate, sting or have a strong scent. If you prefer a cream formula over liquid then this is a great one to try. I also love the packaging and it's travel friendly too.

What's your favourite eye makeup removers?

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