17 May, 2015


how to declutter your life

I think it's great to give your life a lil shake up and clear out now and then - both mentally and physically. It's so easy to get obsessed with the latest and greatest technology, fashion, diet, lifestyle - we never really slow down and look at what's going on in our lives. Here are some ways I like to keep my life clutter free, hope it helps you guys out too!


We all know having a good night sleep is a great all rounder for your mood, energy levels and our appearance. Making sure where you sleep is a calm and relaxing place really helps for a restful night sleep. I don't like to use my laptop or iPad in bed or watch TV - anything that doesn't over stimulate my mind before bed really helps me sleep. I like to keep my bedside table pretty minimal and clutter free, just my hand cream and eye mask.


For a restful and clear mind - medication, stretching, working out are all great ways to focus your energy on your well being. Looking after yourself both inside and out really helps clear your thoughts and mind, keeping you feeling focused and positive.


I'm not crazy OCD but I like to keep my home tidy and everything in it's place. I'm sure we all have those drawers that's crammed full of stuff 'just in case' and wardrobe bursting with clothes we never wear. A tidy and organised space doesn't mean being clinical and plain but the less distractions around really can help keep you focus and feel less chaotic. I work so much better when my desk space is clear and tidy, both at work and at home.


I've touch on the subject of the company you keep here 5 people you need in your life but surrounding yourself with people that support you and have your best interest at heart really should go without saying. Choose to be around those who have a positive impact on your life, not those who cloud your judgement or make you feel stressed out.

How do you declutter your life?

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  1. I definitely need this post! I am just about to enter a really busy period in my life and I think this is going to be a post I keep referring back to :) sophie xx

  2. I totally agree with you on the good sleep and being away from electronics before sleeping. It makes such a difference. I never thought about how social media could really clutter my mind which affects everything else in my life in general.


  3. Such great tips here Hanh, thanks to my insomnia, messiness and sheer lack of exercise... the only tip I'm doing well on is the good company part. Definitely need to work on decluttering my life ;)


  4. Excellent tips. In fact I only just recently decide to stop having a bedside table because I used it as a dumping ground for so much junk - could hardly find my phone when the alarm was ringing in the morning! x

  5. Thanks Sophie! Hope everything goes well :)

  6. I completely agree, social media really is distracting and can take over your life. I really try and cut my time 'online'.

  7. Aww Elle, insomnia must be really hard to deal with. I can't get anything done if I don't sleep properly. I'm sure you have great company who support you no matter what :) hope everything is going well hun, wedding plans and life! xx

  8. Haha, yes they can become a dumping ground! xx

  9. Sleeping well and keeping my space tidy are two things I've been working on lately. I really do stay up to odd hours of the night and then expect myself to get up early, which is so unhealthy. x


  10. I agree with everything here! I am a neat freak so when my space isn't tidy, I feel like my life is hectic and cluttered (I'm a little OCD, can you tell hehe)


  11. The last one is so so important!
    Ditch all the people who don't bring happiness into your life and you instantly feel decluttered hahah x


  12. These are such good tips and really important ones at having a more easy going life. Surrounding yourself with good people is such a good one as I do feel different when I am around negative people, it jus brings me down too x

    Beauty with charm

  13. That's great :) I know it's so hard to go to bed early, I like watching youtube videos in bed but I'm really trying to stop that! x

  14. Hi Tina! Absolutely I can't do the messy lived in look, I really like to have everything tidied away! By the way I'm really enjoying your outfit posts whilst you're on your travels :) xx

  15. I know it's harsh but true! Thanks for reading Katina :) xx

  16. Glad you agree Alina, life can get so hectic sometimes - it's good to think about who you spend your time with :) xx

  17. I agree with all of the about especially number 1 & thought this was a great post. x

  18. Thanks so much Donna, glad you enjoyed my post :)

  19. I love decluttering my physical space, so satisfying & worth it when I'm in a rush & know exactly where everything is so I can just grab it. But decluttering my mind is another matter!

  20. I feel the same way! I hate leaving the house in a mess! I know it's hard to relax but a tidy space is a good start :)

  21. I couldn't agree more with the things you mentioned here. Sometimes we just need to slow down and recharge by decluttering. The one thing I really need to do this weekend is get moving. Whether it's hitting the gym or doing yoga in my apartment, I will get out of my seat for my own good. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’ | Enter my giveaway!

  22. Hey Celina, yes I completely agree! I try and squeeze in a work out, I have so much energy for the day :)

  23. Maireem Maneje23 May 2015 at 07:04

    Love this post and sleeping well is such a must :)


  24. Thanks Maireem! I agree too :)


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