24 June, 2015


Glowy Summer Skin

Hola mis amigos! I've had an amazing few days on the white isle of Ibiza for my hen/bachelorette holiday - I'm just editing my vlog and that should be up sometime on Sunday! So be sure to subscribe to my channel to get a peek of my trip :) After a few days in the sun, my skin was looking nice and golden (lots of SPF50 of course!) Rather than pile on lots of makeup, which never feels nice in a hot country I wore a few products to enhance my complexion and make me look extra sun kissed. Here's what I wore to get my glow on.

I picked up a sample of the Estee Lauder Doublewear Light Stay in Place Makeup before my trip in shade 3, and this lightweight oil free formula applied beautifully onto my skin. It has SPF 10 with sheer to medium coverage, which didn't leave my skin feeling heavy and lasted really well in the heat. On one day I went from poolside to night out without touching up my face -  really impressed with the longevity of this foundation.

I love my beloved Soleil Tan De Chanel but recently can't get enough of Benefit Hoola. With my natural tan, this matte bronzer added an effortless contour on my skin without looking too orange or shimmering. I find a little product goes a long way and it works well when I had fairer skin as well.

glowy summer makeup 
Benefit Hervana BlushAnother summer makeup must have is the Nars Multi Stick in South Beach. It's a lovely golden shimmer stick, which you can use to enhance your eyes, cheeks, lips and body! I use it on my cheekbones to give it a glowy radiance finish, it's easy to blend in and doesn't leave streaky marks on your face. You can apply this without a mirror and still look gorgeous, that's how effortless it is!

To add some colour to my face I used the Benefit Hervana Face Powder, which is so pretty and natural. The swirly powder has 4 gorgeous pinky coral shades, once applied it never looks too much but leaves a natural pink flush on your cheeks. So that's what I use to get glowy summer skin, I would love to know your must have summer makeup items?

What are your favourite products for that Summer glow?

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  1. Hehe thanks hun! Let's hope I can keep the glow :D xx

  2. Glad you had a great time! I am going to Ibiza in a few days. Can't wait to see your vlog :)

  3. Hope you had an amazing time away, looking forward to your vlog on Sunday :)! Benefit Hoola has been a favourite of mine for years x

    Beauty with charm

  4. Thanks so much Sanne! Where abouts are you staying? Hope you have a lovely time! x

  5. Thanks Alina! Yes it's such a good bronzer :) xx

  6. Thank you! I am staying in Figueretas, very close to Ibiza Town!

  7. I love the look of the Nars Multi Stick! I couldn't get enough of orange lipstick and highlighted skin on holiday. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  8. It's really nice Kate! Ohh orange and coral lipsticks are so nice in the summer :)

  9. I have Hoola for a year now but it has been seating in my vanity drawer for quite sometime until recently. Owh wow! I liked it alot. Hervana is definitely a nice blusher for summer time or for a subtle look. You've got good taste, there hehe...

    I am intrigued to try the Nars Multi stick. Perhaps nearing summer time in Australia, I might get my hands on it. hehe. Great post xx

    Hana | Bold-Expression

  10. Glad you love Hoola too! You can't go wrong with the Benefit boxed blushes :)
    Thanks for stopping by Hana. xx

  11. You look radiant in your photo! ^__^ So pretty! Also, loved your Date Night get ready with me video! Loved the outfit!

    I have been eyeing Benefit's Hoola for some time now! I think I need to just go out and get it! I've read a lot of good things about the NARS Multiple stick, I need to get my hands on those too!

  12. I still have to try out Benefit's bronzers and blushes! They're always so hyped but I find them quite expensive =(

  13. I know they're not cheap hun but they leave a really nice finish and last really well :) x


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