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15 July, 2015


Lately when my mind isn't on all things Wedding (even I'm getting sick of that word now!) my thoughts has been drifting onto my future plans and I've really been doubting my ability whether I will succeed with my dreams and goals. I'm worried about the expectations I've set up for myself. I really want things to work out and with that overwhelming pressure, comes all sorts of fears and doubt.

I know in my mind and my heart what I truly what to do, what will make my life fulfilling. I worry do I have time to really do the things I love? Can I afford it, will I cope working for myself and 100 other thoughts running through my head!

The scary thing is putting yourself out there, you guys know I've put this dream in motion many months ago now and when the wedding is over I will be focusing fully with my plans. Honestly this scares the hell out of me. Part of me wants to just slip back to what I'm familiar with and have that security and comfort.

I've missed writing these kinds of posts as they really help gather my thoughts. I've encounter people who have doubted my views, my dreams. Questioned my plans and it makes me wonder, am I trying to do something silly? This just makes me realise their opinions are not important. Just as long as I have supportive people around me I know I will succeed or at least try!

My problem is I can get really defensive when in reality people are just trying to be helpful. I'm learning to be better at this. I guess what I'm trying to say is,

"Not everyone is going to get what you doing and that's OK,

just keep on doing your thing."

I've just finished reading this amazing book from Mark Shayler - Change the status quo. Or become it. It's practical, no nonsense advice on tapping into what you really want to do and how to achieve it.

What's been helping me during this phase is learning to trust myself again and distancing myself from unnecessary information overload. I've stop bombarding myself with advice posts, newsletters, emails subscriptions - it's overloading my thoughts and I want to focus on my abilities not others. 

"If we want to shine we can't keep walking in the 

shadows of other people."

I hope you guys are on the path to doing things that you love, regardless of any self doubt that you may be feeling :)

How do you deal with doubters and self doubt?

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