15 July, 2015


Lately when my mind isn't on all things Wedding (even I'm getting sick of that word now!) my thoughts has been drifting onto my future plans and I've really been doubting my ability whether I will succeed with my dreams and goals. I'm worried about the expectations I've set up for myself. I really want things to work out and with that overwhelming pressure, comes all sorts of fears and doubt.

I know in my mind and my heart what I truly what to do, what will make my life fulfilling. I worry do I have time to really do the things I love? Can I afford it, will I cope working for myself and 100 other thoughts running through my head!

The scary thing is putting yourself out there, you guys know I've put this dream in motion many months ago now and when the wedding is over I will be focusing fully with my plans. Honestly this scares the hell out of me. Part of me wants to just slip back to what I'm familiar with and have that security and comfort.

I've missed writing these kinds of posts as they really help gather my thoughts. I've encounter people who have doubted my views, my dreams. Questioned my plans and it makes me wonder, am I trying to do something silly? This just makes me realise their opinions are not important. Just as long as I have supportive people around me I know I will succeed or at least try!

My problem is I can get really defensive when in reality people are just trying to be helpful. I'm learning to be better at this. I guess what I'm trying to say is,

"Not everyone is going to get what you doing and that's OK,

just keep on doing your thing."

I've just finished reading this amazing book from Mark Shayler - Change the status quo. Or become it. It's practical, no nonsense advice on tapping into what you really want to do and how to achieve it.

What's been helping me during this phase is learning to trust myself again and distancing myself from unnecessary information overload. I've stop bombarding myself with advice posts, newsletters, emails subscriptions - it's overloading my thoughts and I want to focus on my abilities not others. 

"If we want to shine we can't keep walking in the 

shadows of other people."

I hope you guys are on the path to doing things that you love, regardless of any self doubt that you may be feeling :)

How do you deal with doubters and self doubt?

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  1. I loved reading this, such a relatable feeling that I think a lot of dreamers have. We want to do so much but trying to figure it out can be daunting! I just try to read motivational stories of success to remind myself that good things can and do happen!!

    - Kaitlyn | www.TheCrownFox.com

  2. I agree with the comment below, many people could relate to how you feel. That overwhelming pressure could lead to feeling depressed sometimes. But keep your heads up, things will get better eventually.

    A whole lot of serendipity

  3. This is a very helpful post for how I'm feeling right now. Thank you -Hanna Lei

  4. You describe very Well feelings, nice post x
    Join my Giveaway in my blog and you could win a week holiday in Turkey!! It will make You feel better 😉

  5. Thanks Kaitlyn, so please it connected with you! That's a good tip, reading other people's success story is a huge motivator for me too :)

  6. I'm glad others can relate, I always think I should be on this high and driving to success but in reality we just have to keep our heads up like you said :)

  7. That's great thanks for reading Hanna :)

  8. Sometimes people sacrifice things important to them so that they can free up time to make money to sustain the lifestyle they want. But if you're constantly working, you'll never be able to experience the lifestyle you're trying to attain. Maybe you'll get it, but you won't be able to live it. So when things are getting to be a little too much, I try my best to remind myself to just breathe and LIVE :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  9. I definitely feel like this from time to time! When you want to do something that's out of the mainstream, so to speak, a lot of people find it difficult to understand, even those who are close to you and care about you. That is hard to swallow, and can trigger self doubt. This has certainly been my experience. I'm so glad you put this post out there because it's good to know others feel this way too. We just have to take a deep breath and keep pushing forward! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  10. Thanks so much for your kind words Nicole, really sweet of you to have your support! :)
    Yes I think I'm quite determined when I set my mind to something, let's hope things fall into place! xx

  11. That's such a good point Audrey, I really don't like making excuses when it comes to living the life that I want. I try and look at ways I can achieve things and also of course take a breathe like you said! xx

  12. Absolutely, I think we all deep down go through the same feelings and emotions. Yes it's so nice to read others feel the same way, it's really helped me move forward and keep on trying! x

  13. SamanthaSeries17 July 2015 at 17:15

    Hey, I read the post you linked about pursuing video production. I actually haven't yet completed my degree in video, but last week I just bit the bullet and registered my own video production company. All I can really say is just do it!! Small steps at a time, but at least just register your company so that you're motivated to go all the way :) I wish you luck!! <3 Going to follow your blog, am very happy I found it!

    Samantha Series | bloglovin

  14. Great post, Hanh! And I like the new look of the blog with the picture up top :) I think one big thing that helps me get past those fears and keep trudging on to my dreams is the fear of being at the end of my life and wishing I had gone after my big dreams.

  15. Hi Eva! Thanks so much :) You know what I always have that thought in my mind, I know it sounds grim but I want to do as much as I can - it could all end tomorrow! xx

  16. Hi Samantha, that's amazing - good luck! Thanks for your kind words, they really help me keep inspired and motivated! Thanks so much :) xx

  17. fashioncatapult19 July 2015 at 04:01

    Those quotes were just what I needed. Keep being beautiful inside and out.


  18. Loved this post hun, I totally empathise with everything you're saying here. Self doubt is such a killer because no matter how many people tell you that you'll be fine, you never believe it. Really found this so helpful :)


  19. Glad you enjoyed it hun. I feel the same way but I'm definitely learning to trust my instinct more and believe in my ability :)


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