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29 July, 2015


If I have a special occasion or big event coming up, I like to make sure my skin is looking and feeling it's best. Like with any skincare routine, it's worth investing in the time to see results. So with the Wedding next month - eeek, I'm been trying to tackle some of my skin care concerns, keep on reading to see what I've been using to keep my skin and eyes looking oh so fresh.

An area of concern for me is my dark circles, sometimes you need more than beauty sleep to keep your peepers looking bright. A eye gel that I've been enjoying using lately is the Eye Detox from Talika*. Talika is a French skincare specialist who have been around since 1948, they target many skin concerns, from face, hands, lashes to eyebrows. They strike me as a very innovative brand, concentrating on enhancing natural beauty through scientific tests.

My first impressions of the Eye Detox is the impressive and quite scientific looking tube, for £34 (15ml) it's definitely a luxe product and available online at Space NK. This eye detoxifying treatment is aimed for olive to dark skin and claims to de-puff the eye area, with anti inflammatory actions and fight dark circles caused by over pigmentation of the skin. It contains Chromadetox, which is a natural key ingredient, brown algae extract and vitamin B3.

Eye Detox from Talika 
The light creamy gel is dispensed through the roller ball by pressing down on the product and massaging it gently under the eye area. I love the cooling sensation of this product, it instantly makes your eyes feel refreshed and awake with the steel roller ball. I've been using this for over 4 weeks now and it helps to keep my eyes looking less puffy on a daily basis.

So does it help with my dark circles? To be honest to with you guys, I've been skipping under eye concealer all together lately on most days. My shadows don't look as dark or heavy, which is crazy as I would never dream of leaving the house without some Bobbi Brown corrector or Maybelline concealer! It might not completely eradicate dark circles but it does help your under eye area looking brighter and firmer.

Like most Asian girls I have super short straight lashes. I've never used a lash gel before but was excited to try out the Lipocils Expert from Talika*. The packaging again is very luxe looking and retails for £32 - I don't think the price is too bad as Rapid Lash retails for £41.

talika eye lash serum

The thick mascara wand comes with a small sponge tip, which I assume is to get into your smaller lashes. They suggest to use it twice a day, then once a day after 1 month. The lash serum contains 12 plant and silk protein to condition and support the natural growth of your lashes. It claims to stimulate hair growth, have a thickening effect and hydrate lashes.

talika eye lash serum

My lashes are prone to falling out from using eye lash curlers, rubbing my lashes (naughty I know) and removing heavy eye make up. I started noticing gaps in my lash line, not a pretty look when you barely have any lashes!

Here are my lashes before I started the serum, very thin, brittle and sparse.


Here are my lashes after using the serum once a day for 4 weeks. I only use this at night as I found I couldn't wear the serum and mascara in the day, as it leaves a gel coating on your lashes. (Probably worth noting, my results would be different if I used it twice a day!)

As it's a treatment I use everyday it's hard to see a wow effect but even thought my lashes are not noticeable longer, they do look denser and fuller. My lash line doesn't look as sparse and when I curl my lashes and wear mascara, they look much more thicker. I know lash treatments take time, so I'll let you know how they'll look in 6-8 weeks time - it does look promising!

Moving onto my skin. Who doesn't want bright and glowy skin for a big occasion? I got to try the Bio Enzyme Purifying Mask* which is one of those sheet mask, which is bursting with pure and natural essences. It claims to matifies oily skin, reduces blemishes and tightens pores. It contains cinnamon, argan oil and alpine herbs to help cleanse your skin.

The sheet is super lubricated and feels like a very cooling gel. I slipped on the mask and surprising it stayed on, just make sure you press it on firmly. They recommend to wear the mask between 15-30 minutes, I left it on for 30 minutes for the full effect and went about my business.


After I peel the mask off and rinse my face, the initial feeling was that my skin felt immediately tighter and firmer. Not in a tight, drying way but in a completely mattifying and rejuvenating way. It felt smooth to the touch and honestly it looked like I had a dead layer of skin removed! My skin has never looked this glowy, I kept looking at my skin in the mirror it was that impressive. My pores looked the same and I'm not sure if it reduced any blemishes but I really enjoyed the feeling it left my skin.

For £9 a sheet, do you get your money's worth? I've spent money on other face masks where you get more for your buck but this is the first time I've seen results similar to having a facial. It's definitely a luxury skincare spurge, I don't usually spend so much on one product but I've invested money in facials and bio peel treatments - sometimes you have to pay a little more to see results. This would be something I would love to treat my skin to again right before the wedding. It hasn't broken out my skin and I've skipped wearing foundation....a good sign right?

*Items gifted, all opinions are my own.

How do you prep your skin for a special occasion?

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