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16 August, 2015


I'm sure you guys agree one of the best things about blogging and also being on YouTube is meeting new people and the community online. I was excited when Ning from Friday Laundry dropped me a line to work on a collaboration video together, as she shoots amazing lookbooks and I love her video style! So we set a date to shoot and had a lot of fun roaming around London, looking for the perfect location. Luckily we came across some gem filming spots, any guesses to where they are? :)

I got some new items from PrettyLittleThing recently and wanted to style them in our video, including this grey midi dress* and cream cowl neck jumpsuit*. We styled 2 summer outfits for day and night, which you can check out below - watch in HD :) All of Ning's links and outfit details are in the info box so don't forget to check them out!

It was great meeting and getting to know Ning, whilst she's over here studying in London. Honestly it made me appreciate living in this city more! We shared a lot of similar interests and I felt inspired by her creativity.

Shooting with other YouTubers means you have an able and ready camera person. There's nothing worse than dragging someone out to help you film who really doesn't get what you want, thankfully my fiance is a very good sport and helps me a lot :) Working on a collab video is great as you both understand how long shots take to set up, happy to do lots of takes and it's also great to bounce ideas off each other. Although Ning and I shot videos together, you can collaborate with other YouTubers by filming a similar topic on each of your channels and working together that way - the possibilities are endless!
The YouTube audience and community is massive so working on collaborations allows your channel to open up to different audiences. I love finding new channels to follow and be inspired.

Thanks again to Ning for reaching out to work together, I had so much fun and it would be something I would love to do more of on my channel.  You can check out the video we did on Ning's channel here - I'm sure you'll love her video style as much as I do!

*items gifted, affiliate links used.

What are some of your favourite YouTube collaborations?

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