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06 September, 2015


I'm really surprised I've never tried hair extensions before especially as my hair is so thin and fine and really lacks that body and volume. That's why I rely on my sleep in rollers so much! Even though my hair is long, I thought why not try some hair extensions to see if they can add that extra body to my hair. I was kindly sent some remy hair extensions from Irresistible Me* to try out.

Irresistible Me are based in New York and ship worldwide with free returns and exchanges. I had a look on their website and read some reviews, which were pretty mixed - ranging from the customer service to the hair extension themselves. As this would be my first time using extensions, I also read through the FAQs on how to take care of them, wear and style them. There's also a video on the range of colour, weight and lengths on offer. I decided to go for natural black, 200 grams and 22inches.

In the box there are 2 sealed plastic sections, one with your hair pieces and the other a sample section to check the colour, if for any reason you need to return it. Unfortunately the shade natural black doesn't quite match my hair colour as my hair has more browner tones in it. However for the sake of this review, I wanted to share my thoughts on the look and feel of the hair pieces, as well as demonstrate the hair extensions in for you to see. 

The hair pieces all come wrapped up in a net, you get 1 x large piece with 5 clips, 1 x 3 clips and 5 x 2 clips. Once I unraveled the hair, they felt extremely soft. I was expecting them to feel matted and coarse but was pleasantly surprised.

On closer inspection on some of the hair pieces I noticed one grey hair, I guess that's what you get with natural hair but it does show up more on black hair. This didn't bother me too much as you easily pull them out with damaging the rest of the hair piece. There was one hair piece with a piece of white fabric, which I thought was a bit odd.

Here is my hair without the extensions, as you can see my hair is wavy so I curled the extensions so that it matched my hair style. You can also easily dye the extensions as well, which I think is great to add different dimension to your hair tone.

I started with the largest extension at the back of my hair, making sure it was really close to my hair line and started clipping them in. I was worried they would dig into my scalp but they didn't feel too bad. I then clipped in two of the smaller pieces near the front my hair. I wore these for a few hours around the hours and they weren't too uncomfortable. As I have long hair, it's hard to see a big difference and I think with the right shade, I could clip in more and they would blend in nicely. I love how easy they are to clip in and can really add that glamourous body and bounce to your hair!

*Items gifted, all opinions are my own.

What are your thoughts on hair extensions?

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