21 October, 2015


Recently I've been swapping my usual routine of Netflix and chill and getting my butt out there to just experience new things and meet awesome people. I realised my blogging rut wouldn't go away unless I had something to write about, being a lifestyle blogger and all ;

October has been a lot of fun so far, experiencing Wonderush with Lucy, checking out the LVSeries3 Exhibition with the lovely Cherie and hanging out with the SORTEDFood guys at the #RennieHappyEating event. Being a lifestyle blogger is so broad and not always easy to define, especially when someone asks what your blog is about right? (I still need to nail my elevator pitch!) so how do we define who we are as a blogger?


What makes us sit down for hours editing photos, writing posts, scheduling social media, replying back to comments? It's a lot of work, why do we do it? Knowing what really drives us with our blogs, helps us to be invested with what we post and deliver great content to our readers. I love sharing my experiences and documenting it online to share with you guys and hopefully inspire you too! I'm pretty low key in a blogging world driven by consumerism, I don't buy new products a lot to churn out monthly favourites or massive hauls. I use what I got and go with it!


It's so easy to get caught up with what everyone else is going, posting, sharing but it's their lives - we should just focus on our own. I know some of my posts are not as popular as others but some topics I just want to write about. We can only write what reflects us, our personalities and interests. I can't stand it when people are superficial (tell me you guys have experienced this too?!) Don't be afraid to embrace all your quirks and flaws.


I used to get caught up with bloggers who do it full time or as a business, I felt like I needed to keep up. When in actual fact, I lost sight with what I wanted from blogging. I don't want to do it as a job, it's not my dream or end goal. It's a hobby and I like switching on and off from it and getting on with my actual passions and goals. To be honest with you guys, putting together blog posts can defo feel like a chore sometimes, which doesn't mean I don't love the different aspects that come with it! Do things on your own terms and be proud about it.

Thanks to my brother John for taking these photos, thought it was time for a revamp with my short hair and all :)

What drives you as a blogger?

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