11 October, 2015


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You know I love a good quote, this one from Pinterest stood out for me recently 'You're not the kind of girl who settles - keep not settling.' It's easy to just stay in our comfort zone and not explore what else is out there but just imagined if we did, how amazing and enriched our lives would be! I know it's not easy but here are some ways to get more out of our lives and not just settle, cos I know you guys deserve the best :)


A big statement but to me the most important one, sometimes we feel hard done by and life is unfair but we're all in control of our lives. It's good to just remind ourselves to be thankful we have freedom and choices. We choose the way we feel when we wake, we choose what we put into our bodies, the people we surround ourselves with and the environment we put ourselves into. I always like to think, are my choices contributing to the life I really want to live? 


I love routine and structure but it's only when we step out of our comfort zone, we truly learn to embrace and take on new experiences. I always think 'what's the worse that could happen?' You guys know I have career goals and aspirations I want to fulfil and it's not easy. To put yourself out there, we have to be vulnerable but I know I don't want to just stay in the safe zone. I want experiences that will enrich me as person and my life. If we always knew what was around the corner, things would be very boring! It may feel scary but also exciting.


I really love this point. An example of this is with blogging. I find myself constantly wanting to better myself, create quality content, take better photos, promote myself better. If we don't have the thirst to improve and expand our knowledge, we stop learning and just settle with what we know. If we learnt new skills it helps sharpen our minds. It's good to use different parts of your brain, there's so much to learn!


Don't be afraid to make mistakes, sounds simple right but it's easy to get scared that you're not good enough and play it safe. I've constantly made mistakes, that's only when we truly know how to improve on things and make things better. Don't just settle for the first try or first draft, we know it's only when we try again we can see more of our potential and create something amazing.

What are your thoughts on not settling?

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