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14 October, 2015


how to add volume and texture to short hair

Short hair has definitely been having a moment this year, from Lauren Conrad, Aimee Song and my personal fav Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars cutting off their signature long locks - I knew I had to get involved! After growing my hair long for the wedding, I'm so happy to finally sport a new shorter look and it's so much more fun to style - not to mention quicker to wash and dry.

So to keep my shorter do looking more tousled and textured rather than flat and lifeless, I picked up 2 hair products that have been fab. So if you're after some sexy bed hair, then read on!

how to add volume and texture to short hair
charles worthington texturising spray

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

I'm a big fan of the OGX range, their hair serums and shampoos are super nourishing, environmentally friendly and smell divine (especially their coconut shampoo!) So when I came across the Moroccan Sea Salt Spray I picked it up right away. It claims to add fullness and shine, with combined sea kelp and Moroccan argan oil.

The argan oil doesn't weigh down or make your hair feel greasy but you can feel that added moisture, especially if you hair is prone to being very dry. You can use it on clean damp hair or dry hair. I prefer to use it on damp hair, then scrunch up sections of my hair to add definition. It's like a hair treatment and texturising spray in one.
If you've used the OGX range before you know how good their products smell and this spray is no exception - so fresh! The 175ml bottle is eco friendly and I paid less than £4, as it was on offer in Boots - pretty good value right?

I've been meaning to pick this up for ages as I know some bloggers say it's a good cheaper alternative to the Oribe dry texturising spray - sorry but I'm not going to drop that kind of money on a hair product! I've used the CW range before and they've all worked really well, their packaging is also nice and sleek with a luxe feel. 

This texturising spray claims to work invisibly to give height, texture and volume to hair. They suggest to spray directly onto the roots for that back-comb effect without damaging your hair. Use your fingers to tousle your hair to give it a texturised finish.

The formula is not greasy and sticky and doesn't leave a hard residue like with some texturising sprays. I find using it on 'next day' hair works really work rather than freshly washed. I lift sections of my hair and give it a good spritz. It's £6.99 for 150ml, I can see this lasting for a while. The only downside is the smell, it's not awful but it's not exactly pleasant! I thought it would be fresh or fruity like some dry shampoos I've used before but luckily the smell doesn't linger.

What do you guys think of these products, how do you style shorter hair?

What are your go to products to add volume & texture?

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