28 October, 2015


Falling in and out of love happens all the time online, especially in the blogosphere. As easy it is to click a button to follow a blog, it's just as easy to unfollow them - I know it sucks right? Reading blogs and discovering awesome bloggers online is one of my favourite things to do but sometimes down the line I just don't click with them anymore. The relationship just fizzles out. I've had my share of unfollowers but there's not point dwelling on it! I'd rather concentrate my energy on building a genuine community with my readers who enjoy following me :) 

So why do we sometimes fall out of love with bloggers? Here are some of my thoughts.


We follow a blogger with an idea of what they're about (fashion, beauty, travel etc) so when that direction changes, not every reader wants to stick around (eg. I thought this was a beauty blog, I don't want to read about where they went on holiday!) Anyway you catch my drift, some readers don't want to invest in topics their not interested in. But that's ok, blogging is all about growing as a person as well as your interests and passions.

As much as bloggers change, so do readers. I used to follow a lot of beauty blogs but makeup and skincare is not my main passion, I've evolved and enjoy more varied lifestyle content. That's not to say I don't enjoy reading about the latest must have makeup products but for me it's about balance. I also find, when every other post becomes sponsored, I tend to also loose interest as the content becomes driven by the brand and less about the blogger.


Blogging is a two way interaction. You can write a fantastic post or share something amazing but if you don't take the time to respond back to your community, comments or tweets - I personally feel you're not engaging with your audience. I figure, why should I comment and share on your page when there's no acknowledgement or sign of interaction? I get some bloggers are busy but to me, it makes such a difference when they take the time to connect back. It makes me want to be apart of their community. Even some big YouTubers find the time to respond to my comments, so there's no excuse!


I hope I don't offend anyone with this one! Anyway here goes, when I choose to follow a blogger there's obviously something I enjoy reading or like about them. When it becomes clear their main focus is numbers and followers and soon enough spamming my feed with 'follow me here and here and here' I don't tend to stick around. 

Of course, as bloggers we want to get ourselves out there on social media but sometimes it can be too much. I find the rule of 70/30 sharing on social media, particular Twitter is a good mix - share 70% of other people's content and 30% of your own. It shows you want to share valuable content with your readers that's not just yours.

Phew, I know this is not a particularly upbeat post but I like to discuss a mix of blogging topics. I hope you found this post insightful in some way! 

 What makes you follow/unfollow a blog?

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