30 December, 2015


Hey long time no blog, how you guys been? I hope you've had an amazing time over Christmas and all that good stuff. This season I've definitely indulged myself....think the guilt is kicking in over all those chocolate selection boxes! Anyway to get myself back into blogging/YouTube, I've rolled myself off the sofa and kicked things off with a short and sweet video.

I'm not one for long list of resolutions, I just want to be happy, healthy and focus on my business plans in 2016. I'm hoping to launch that soon and I hope you guys can support me on my new adventure :) So with the new year almost here, here are my 5 goals for 2016 - hope you guys enjoy the video!


I didn't think I owned that much skincare and make-up items but in reality my vanity drawer is bursting with unused and unloved beauty items. I decided no more impulse beauty buys until I've used up what I've got! I've rediscovered my REN face cream, Bobbi Brown oil cleanser and Benefit eye shadow duo. I've also gave a selection of items I know I would never use to my sister and threw away anything I've had for way too long.


Easier said that done right? Being glued to my phone all day is not fun, I get easily distracted and feel the constant need to respond and be online. I want to have more days where I switch the WIFI off and forget about life on a small screen. I feel generally calmer and less anxious. Social media can be addictive sometimes and that's not healthy. For me it's all about changing habits, I used to always check my phone in the morning but now I leave it off for a few hours. It's nice to spend more time with yourself, rather than responding to others.


An super obvious one but I've really been slacking on the water intake lately. It's just down to laziness! When I'm at work I have a routine of drinking water by my desk but when I'm at home I forget to drink as much and find myself feeling tired and less alert. We all know it's great to keep our skin and body hydrated, flush out toxins and keep our minds fresh.


I love travelling and really want to do it more. This year I plan to tick 2 more countries off my bucket list, New York - so excited!! It's always been my dream to go in the Spring and I've already started planning what to see and where to go :) Then also Tokyo as Hang really wants to go there and I only ever hear amazing things about it. I would love to have some sun so maybe Croatia and Italy or more stay cations in the UK. I get so restless in London and city life so an escape now and then is a must!


I watched a TED talk video on Why I read a book a day (and why you should too) and whilst reading everyday might seem like a lot, I like the idea of reading more in general. Reading is proven to calm down stress, just 6 minutes of reading is more effective than zoning out in front of the TV. I like reading about different topics, philosophies, genres and generally want to learn new things and expand my mind.

Hope you enjoy the video and please don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos :)

What are your new year goals?

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