02 December, 2015


Why It's Good To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do you ever get scared of doing something different or throwing yourself into something totally unknown? I know I do, I get nervous in new situations and different environments but they can turn out to be surprisingly rewarding and I feel so much better for stepping out of my comfort zone. Not knowing what's around the corner can be exciting and at the same time makes us face our fears. I wanted to share some thoughts on why life really does start at the end of your comfort zone, let's go!

'Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing,

is the one thing that will set you free,'


I like having a routine but like with any routine it can gets stifling, dull and uninspiring. To shake things up a bit, look at ways to change small habits in your day. Try having something different for breakfast, taking a different route to work or trying out another class at the gym. Shifting your daily routine and mindset helps us break old habits, it can be also be something fun like injecting more colour in your wardrobe or seeing a movie alone because you really want to watch it and no one else does! Taking small steps helps open up our minds to something new.


Staying in our comfort zone makes us feel safe, secure but never fully satisfied or free. We don't try new things because we're scared of what might happen or what people might think. I feel nervous trying out new things and going to new classes or events but once I'm there I'm so glad I went. I get to be in a new environment and meet different kinds of people - it can also give you a breath of fresh air!

I joined Wonderush a few months ago and they have so many fun activities to try out all over London, that I never would have thought about doing before. If there is something that you always wanted to try, why not give it a go? Explore something new, who knows you may discover a new talent!


It's easy to say I want to learn a new skill but actually doing it is the hard part right? What if we're no good? What if it's a waste of money? If we always gave up at the first hurdle, we wouldn't get very far in life! I'm sure we've all thought of things we want to do but there's always an obstacle. Last year I started Pilates, which may not be a particular strenuous form of exercises but it takes a lot of discipline and control. I was uncomfortable feeling so unfit so I pushed myself to get better. Pushing pass the discomfort can help us discover what we're really capable of achieving. If we never push ourselves, we never really grow and learn more about what we can do.


When we challenge ourselves and set new goals, we're breaking out of our fixed patterns. We expand our minds and that makes us feel more satisfied and happy. Don't let fear stop you from doing what you truly love. My goal is to work for myself and that honestly is hella scary but at the same time excites me. I don't want to look back in 5 years time and not even tried to pursue the life that I wanted.

Take that little risk. What's the worse that can happen? Yes we may make mistakes but think of the things we'll learn along the way! We can't stop ourselves from doing something because we might fail. What if every successful entrepreneur did that?

I hope this post has inspired you to try something different and step out of your comfort zone in some small way. It's not always easy but it's good to start somewhere right :)

How do you feel about stepping out of your comfort zone?

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