02 March, 2016


bucket list

How you guys doing? Hope you're all having a wonderful week so far. Last week one of my colleague's dad passed away and I couldn't help but feel overcome with sadness. Of course life goes on and it got me thinking how I want to take more chances in life. It's so cliche but I want to have as few regrets in life. I hate that feeling of not even trying!

I know it's hard to live life to the full everyday but I do want to take more chances, not worry too much if it's the right or wrong decision. I really want to make the most of my life, do things I'm proud of, scared of and experience new things. Of course it won't happen all at once but I think waking up with a more open mindset will really help me on this journey.

I've never written down a bucket list before and thought it would be fun to share with you what's on my list! It will also be a nice reminder for me to refer back to, to see how I'm getting on :)


- Go bike riding in a forest
- Cook more vegan dishes                               
- Do a colour run
- Learn to swim                                          
- Dine at Nobu (28th August 2017)

- Go to a drive in movie


- Be my own boss (hell yes!)
- Do what I love everyday

- Increase my Blog readership (ongoing but increasing!)
- Create more YouTube videos
- Make a difference


- Have cocktails on a New York rooftop bar (30th April 2016)
- Watch the sunset in Santorini (29th August 2016)
- Wonder the streets of Croatia (26th July 2016)
- Bathe in hot springs in Japan
- Visit the Golden Gate Bridge 
- Eat Gelato in Amalfi  (13th July 2017)
- Go to a festival abroad
- Go on a road trip
- Visit a waterfall (27th July 2016)
- Visit a city alone
- Go glamping

What's on your bucket list?

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