27 April, 2016


Hope you guys are having a good week so far? This month is creeping to an end and it's been a busy few weeks - I shot my first Wedding, which was super exciting and I've been busy editing away. You can stay tuned by liking my Facebook page if you want to :)  Today is my birthday and Hang and I are taking a short break to New York, yay!! I'm sure I'll be Snap Chattin' (hanh1) and Instagraming every street corner hehe.

As with every birthday, I get reflective like your do. Instead of dreading getting older, I actually enjoy embracing the change and learning new things about myself. I can say with hand on heart, I love being in my 30's. Getting old does have negative connotations but you know what, life gets better as we get older. Here are some of my thoughts on why your 30's will be better than your 20's!


I feel like my 20's was a trail and error to where my life is now. I made many mistakes, financially, work wise, love life, friendships and it's only in the last few years I feel content and kinda sorted you know. It was a period in my life to learn from my mistakes and grow. I learnt to walk away from bad career choices, be more in control of my money and look after my skin properly!


I used to care so much what people thought of me, not do things because I might embarrass myself. Try and please people I didn't even really like or respect! Thankfully I'm over that stage, I've left most of my insecurities, bullsh*t and people pleasing behind. Now I focus on things that make me happy and follow my passions.



Like most young girls I had a complex about my body and my skin. I suffered from acne, I was tall, lanky and flat chested - all these things that made me super self conscious in my 20's. As I've gotten older I've accepted myself and the body I'm in, the shape of my face and started being kinder to myself. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing flaws, I'm less critical and focus on being happy and healthy. I've stopped hiding my skin with lots of makeup and feel more comfortable with my imperfections.


As we get older, we feel comfortable trying new things. I try things out of my comfort zone and found the courage to follow my dream, which I never would of had done in my 20's. I gave up my editing career when I was 26 as I didn't have the confidences in myself to pursue my passion. Something I regret but life is a learning curve right? I'm not scared to say yes more and my motto is 'what's the worse that can happen?'


Money isn't everything and I'm sure there are teenagers out there making more money than me but generally we make more money as we get older. I was so broke in my 20's and in so much debt, I didn't know what it was like to have money to enjoy and spend! Now I have a comfortable income and don't have to worry so much about money troubles, it's nice to be able to treat yourself to that handbag and splurge on holidays just because why not!



Life is about treasuring moments, making memories as well as taking chances and embracing who we are growing into and becoming. I changed my mentality on how I spend my time. I don't want to just coast through life but try and make some sort of difference.


When I started accepting who I was, the skin I'm in and person I am, I felt less inclined to compare myself, I've let go out of a lot of negative and angry energy I had when I was younger (total emo!) I let go of negative influences and people in my life and things started falling into place. I stop wasting time worrying about things that don't benefit my life.

I hope this post has inspired you embrace who we are becoming regardless of age. Forget the sigma of growing older, for me my 30's has been great so far. Of course I'm not in a hurry to get old or look older but I'm definitely embracing it!

Whatever you do, laugh, cry, live in the moment, make mistakes and in the words of Bieber, love yo self. Anyway hope you all have a fab week and I'll catch up with your guys soon!

How do you feel about getting older?

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