05 September, 2016



Where has Summer gone seriously? This weekend has been drizzle and grey skies. Let's hope we get a few more days of sunshine before September is out! Last week I spent a few days in gloriously sunny Santorini. You know that iconic island that bloggerz love to go to :) Hang and I went with a group of friends for a wedding and somehow turned a romantic getaway into a party town but it was a lot of fun, haha. Asides from the partying we took in the gorgeous views, calm blue waters and stunning sunsets. It was nice to not have an itinerary and just go with the flow.

We stayed in Fira, which is in the Southern part of Santorini, it's very busy with tourists, open air restaurants, bars and cliff side apartments with lush pools. What I like about the Greek lifestyle is how everything is chilled and easy going, no one is in a rush to be or go anywhere. It's all about enjoying the scenery, good food and wine and watching the stars at night. Fira is bustley and lively but if you want to experience the magical side and those iconic blue domes of Santorini, head to Oia, which is about 25 minutes away from Fira. Did Santorini live up to the hype and my expectations? Scroll down for photos :)




The vibe and atmosphere in Oia is calm and relaxed compared to Fira,  even though it's still very busy. There are people everywhere taking photos! The narrow streets are filled with quaint trinkets shops and cute restaurants with pretty pink flowers. The flagstone floors are smooth and even compared to Fira. The cliff sides are filled with villas and apartments with pools and not to mention those blue Church domes. Everywhere is like something out of a postcard! Hang and I sat in a cafe for dessert and we saw a wedding in the distance, so beautiful!

We were in a souvenir shop and the lady told us a great quiet spot to watch the sunset away from the main castle, which gets extremely crowded. I love how everyone gathers each evening to watch the sunset, it's such a peaceful and relaxing thing. Once it sets everyone claps :) The queues afterwards are no joke! The pathways are super narrow and everyone is trying to get out. We managed to squeeze our way out of the crowds and enjoy a really nice dinner at King Neptune. It was a shame we didn't have more time to explore Oia but thank you Santorini for the memories!

What do you think of Santorini? Have you been to Greece, let me know in the comments below!

Hat - Jasper Conrad
Black swimsuit - ASOS 
Shorts - Pull & Bear
White playsuit - H&M 
Floral maxi dress - Forever 21.

What has been your travel highlights of the year so far?

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