04 January, 2017


Vietnam Nha Trang travel guide

Happy New Year lovely friends, I think everyone is ready for 2017 right? Last week I was back in the motherland, Vietnam and the change of scenery and warm weather was just what I needed - hello 28 degrees. My sister, brother and I hadn't been back to Vietnam in over 10 years and in a lot of ways it felt the same, the food, beaches and everyone's simple way of life. Vietnam is still very run dow in parts and not as commercialised as other South East Asian countries but when a bowl of pho is less than £3 you can't complain!

We stayed in Nha Trang, which is in the south and 1 hour plane ride away from Ho Chi Minh City. The amount of traveling we did over 9 days was insane, I think it totaled to over 50 hours! Jet lag aside, it was a great experience to take in the sights and sounds and not care and think about the stresses of London life. Hope you enjoy the photos and vlog I've put together. Have you been to Vietnam? Let me know :)

Vietnam Nha Trang travel guideVietnam Nha Trang travel guideVietnam Nha Trang travel guide
Vietnam Nha Trang travel guide
Vietnam Nha Trang travel guide

Lastly I wanted to mention my grandad who sadly passed away whilst we were in Vietnam just before the new year. We got to spend a few days with him and it made our hearts burst with happiness to see him happy and in good spirits before he passed. We're so thankful to have spent that time together with him. RIP Grandad xx

A big thank you as always for reading.

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