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19 September, 2017


Hi guys, remember me? My poor blog has been collecting dust for over 3 weeks now. So where the heck have I been - does anyone care?! I don't blame anyone who has unfollowed me as it's been tumble weed around here. It feels weird to log into Blogger again, I didn't intend to have such a long break and didn't have writers block or anything. I guess I fell out of love with blogging (coming up to almost 4 years now) and lost interest with going online in general. I haven't hasn't posted on Insta in weeks and that was my jam. It's not like me to take such a hiatus and I feel bad for neglecting my space and not catching up with you guys. I guess I just wanted to shut the world out for a while and enjoy the quiet. Does that make me a social recluse?

For the last few weeks, I've not been feeling inspired or creative. I haven't picked up my camera to shoot flat-lays or dragged Hang to take outfit photos of me. Everyday I think, yes I will share something but then I just don't feel like it. I like being in my own bubble and shutting my social media feed out for a while. I guess the main thing is I have to love what I write and share with you guys. I have to be excited to take photos and come up with ideas.

I don't feel lonely working for myself but I wonder if all my time spent doing a creative job - I feel a bit burnt out when it comes to my other creative pursuits? When I spend all day editing videos, I have zero energy to blog or go online. I really want to break this cycle and I do have some posts that I want to share with guys, this is such a weird phase I'm going through argh! Can anyone relate? Puhlease help!

I don't know where I'm going with this post but I hope this gives me a kick to start going online more, interacting and being creative. I miss it and I definitely miss you guys. Sorry for not stopping by your blogs but I really hope you guys are well. For the last weeks real life has got in the way and my priorities have changed. It's been pretty full on with work, editing lots of videos, meeting clients as well as dealing with personal issues, you know adulting stuff.

It hasn't been all work as I have enjoyed lots of simple pleasures such as discovering an amazing Indian takeaway (!) watching great TV shows such as 'Top of the Lake', going to a secret Sam Smith gig in London, enjoyed a friends bridal shower and feeling excited for Autumn - yes cliché but Summer was such a let down I'm ready for cosy nights in! Anyway thank you so much for reading and sticking around, I guess sometimes you just need to shut the world out and figure things out again.

Oh I made this short video last month but only just posted on Youtube if you want to watch!

A few questions for you guys to answer :)

How are you today?
What has been the highlight of your week so far?
What shows/music are you loving at the moment?
What's on your shopping wishlist?

Photos taken by my brother John.

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