21 May, 2018



How was your weekend, was you obsessed with the Royal Wedding like me?! I honestly didn't think I would feel so emotional watching the ceremony but it was so beautiful and I loved the music and celeb spotting! What was your favourite moment and guest outift? Anyway Harry and Meghan aside, I've manged to find some time to sit down and chat with you guys on the blog as it's been a while. So our sweet baby boy is now 4 weeks old, crazy how fast the time goes but being a new parent the days and hours really do just blur into one! I probably will do another post on my birth story but today I wanted share some things I've learnt since our little one has arrived :)

Ok I may have been a wimp when it comes to physical pain with the actual birth but mentally I feel like I've came out much stronger. Giving birth itself is a massive endurance and I did it, trust me I never thought I'd get through it but it's amazing what our minds and bodies are capable of!


Everyone tells you you'll get no sleep and yes it's hella tiring but it's surprising how you manage on broken 2/3 hours sleep. You just have to snap into action when baby wants something and you can't press the snooze button! I've learnt to try and conserve my energy more, make sure I'm eating and drinking and get some shut eye when I can (even though all I want to do is stare at baby!) It's crazy how you power through on zero energy.


When baby is asleep and I'm not napping, I make the most of any 'free time' before the next feed. I seriously have not appreciated my free time so much! Washing my face, brushing my teeth, getting changed - all seem like little luxuries when you can get them done! I make sure to eat before I sit down for a feed and tidy up when I can - you have to multitask to get as much done. Hang has also become super efficient and whipping around the house as well!


Even though I'm tired and running around the house. I've also learnt to also take things slow and relax more. Being with baby is so amazing and I feel instantly relaxed and calm being with him. Feeling his breathing on me or eyes fluttering open, my hearts just melts and I can't but help to take a breather and just enjoy the moment and forget about anything else. Sometimes the housework and having a shower has to wait, when your baby wants those cuddles :)


Not surprisingly my perspective has definitely changed, it's no longer about me and my needs. It's a worthwhile sacrifice and I know things will get easier soon! So walking around like a zombie, no knowing what time/day it is and not sure the last time you ate or slept is a bit crazy but looking after baby is definitely my number one priority.


You can read all the books and talk to other mums but I'm constantly learning new things about our baby. Every newborn is different, some sleep longer, eat more, cry more, weigh more you can't compare your baby to another. I've learnt to focus on our little one needs and try to get in tune with his needs. We've made some 'mistakes' along the way but that's all part of parenting right? I love seeing seeing our baby changing and growing everyday and even though it's tiring and testing at times, it really is the best feeling!

Thanks so much for reading this post! Are you a new mum? I would love to hear about your experiences too :)

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