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02 August, 2018


Radley tote bag

Happy August guys, hope you're having a fab Summer of far. I've been trying to blog a bit more lately but I don't know how long that will last when I start work again next week! We all know this year is flying by and I figured why not try and have a more purposeful month. Each day has been a blur for me lately so I thought it would be nice to set some intentions for the next 4 weeks, I would love to know yours too!


In the last few months I've donated two bin bags of clothes to charity, I was a women on a mission! Now when I look in my wardrobe, most items bring me joy a la Marie Kondo. So less fast fashion that I always end up giving away and invest in more classic pieces. I've been going for a more stripped back and simple look lately and this Radley large tote bag* compliments my outfits nicely. The neutral mink colour is perfect as it goes with pretty much any colour pallet and will see you through all seasons. I want to get the most wear out of items!

I've never owned a Radley bag before and the first thing I noticed was how durable and well made the bag was. It had a premium feel and for £69 it won't break the bank. The nylon material is water resistant, handy if you're caught out in the rain! The design reminds me of the Longchamp Le Pliage bags but this bag feels more sturdy. My Longchamps always get frayed and holes in the bottom! It has a key chain strap, inside and outside pocket as well as the cute Radley dog charm. The long straps are easy to sling over my shoulder and keeps my hands free to pick up baby :) It's also super roomy, this would be a great weekend or carry on bag or in my case double up as a very stylish nappy bag! You can check out more Radley tote bags here.

Radley tote bag
Radley tote bag
Radley tote bag


I'm guilty of not always being eco friendly but I do try my best, refusing plastic were possible and recycling everything I can. I even changed Hang to check if items can be recycled! An easy way to be sustainable is to use the search engine Ecosia. All profits made from searches, they use to plant trees, how great it that? It's a simple change that makes a big difference. I want to eat more locally at places with sustainable and seasonable food such as West Wine Kitchen. I also want to cook at least 2 meat free meals a week. I've been trying out recipes from Fearne Cotton - she had a yummy veggie bake, Deliciously Ella and Madeline Shaw. Do you guys have any veggie recipe posts or recommendations?


Since I've been on my maternity leave, baby and I have done lots of exploring around London and it's been so much fun. Most things are free such as parks and gardens, I've shared some of my fav around South London in this post. This month I want to visit Kew Gardens, Wisley Garden and Whitstable beach if the weather stays good! Any places on your list this Summer?


This one is hard as I'm always strolling on my phone when feeding baby! I know I can't switch off entirely so will try and limit phone time - last hour before I go to sleep and first hour of the morning. Let's see how long I can keep this up for!

*Item gifted, all opinion are my own.

What are your intentions for this month?

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