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21 August, 2018



It's been a tough few weeks recently, baby is going through a lot of changes and I'm one tired mama! I'm also back to work and editing at home with an active baby is not easy. By the way I've redesigned my wedding videography website, I would love it if you checked it out :) So all in all I don't have much time to myself....which I guess ties in to why I haven't been on Instagram for over a week, which lets face it feels like an eternity but it's been a nice break :)

Instagram can be fun and inspiring but can also be overwhelming, the pressure to post daily and create content. It can feel like a popularity contest and a race for likes and engagement. It's so easy to get sucked into that world of curated feeds and perfect themes especially when it's linked to your blog or business. Lately for me it kinda felt too much to keep up with everything and everyone, I would feel anxious if I didn't post everyday and by a certain time. It was a bit of a chore thinking about captions and hashtags and then dread my follow count dropping. I know we shouldn't care about the number but let's be honest we do sometimes.

Isn't social media meant to be fun? I want to enjoy using it again, so here are some thoughts on how to find joy with Instagram!

Our style and taste changes so of course it's normal to not always like everyone we're following and we naturally grow out of certain things. I used to follow big fashion bloggers but they became so un-relatable I've been enjoying more low key accounts. Unfollow anyone that doesn't make you feel good or you don't feel happy following. I love to be inspired but some people don't evoke that joyous feeling and that's ok, just unfollow and move on.

Engagement you heard it a hundred times before but when I make the time to leave comments and chat to people I feel good. I feel like I'm connecting more with people rather than just pressing like. If someone asks a question, I try and respond. I also like to do a shout out to my favourite accounts it's just a simple way to show some love to others.

No one's life is perfect no matter how amazing their photos look, so take Instagram for what is it and admire the imagery but don't get bogged down with how picture perfect other people's lives are. Chances are it's just not the case.

Be open and vulnerable. When I share and open up about how I'm really feeling and showing all sides of myself, I feel happier sharing my content online. I want people to see the real me - my ups and downs of being a mum, bare face selfies and behind the scenes snippets. I relate more to people when they open up and show other sides to them.

Post only what you're truly happy with. Look through your feed and delete any photos that you don't like or make you happy anymore. I went through and deleted so many old photos! Leave the images that really make you feel good. 

Lastly if Insta is not making you happy just delete it or take a break. Sadly it can make you sometimes feel a bit crappy so just take some time out. For me it's been good not to think about what and when to post. I didn't realised how time consuming it was until I stopped using it and it's nice to just get on with my life without the need to keep sharing things! 

Having this break has been such a welcome and unexpected relief but I'm excited about using it again - I've really missed seeing your guys posts and stories!! Has the app changed? Any updates I need to know about?!

Have you fallen out of love with Instagram? I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Dress: ASOS
Jewellery gifted from Orelia, HANH15 for 15% off :)

What do you like or dislike about Instagram?

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