Welcome to Hanhabelle, a London lifestyle blog. A place to feel positive and creative with my daily dose of style, beauty and travel posts.

I started Hanhabelle almost 3 years ago. I wanted a place online to share my thoughts, reviews and life adventures and so began my blogging journey. It's changed my life in so many ways, connecting and meeting like minded people who share my passion, learning technical and creative skills daily and most of all becoming a confidence and happy person. I believe in following your dreams, being kind and throwing caution in the wind.

I've been living in London for over 14 years now, starting a career in the film and TV industry, fell in love and got married last Summer to my wonderful husband Hang. I'm a homebody who loves curling up on the sofa catching up on TV series, making YouTube videos and blogging of course. I also enjoy finding new restaurants to try out, photography and travelling when I can. More recently I fulfilled a dream of mine to become a wedding videographer, a desire to capture beautiful moments on film for couples.

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