13 December, 2013


The other night my boyfriend and I swapped steaks for seafood and had dinner at Fish Market, just by Liverpool Street Station in London. It was down a quiet street and had lovely twinkling lights in the entrance and outdoor seating - very cosy. The restaurant has a nice chilled out vibe, modern decor - copper pipping and blue washed walls (another D&D London owned restaurant of course) reminds me of a seaside cabin minus the seagulls. The staff were friendly and attentive even though it was busy with various Christmas gatherings and birthdays, 'tis the season to be jolly right? Plus the food was pretty good too.

Lets eat! I chose the salt and pepper squid with roast garlic and chilli, which yes you can get anytime from a Chinese takeaway but these were really tasty and fresh! My boyfriend got the salmon ballontine with watercress and potato salad, which was also delicious.

I then tucked into the baked cod with white bean and chorizo stew, lovely combination of flavours of the fresh fish and tangy stew. My boyfriend had the veal raggot, pappardelle with parmesan (you can take the boy out of a meat restaurant but....)

After dinner we took a short stroll to the Heron Tower, which if you're ever in that part of London you should definitely visit. The views are pretty spectacular (39 floors up in the quickest lift ever!)  

The bar is really busy and buzzy, as there's 2 restaurants there as well - Sushisamba and Duck & Waffle so be sure to make a reservation in advance if you want dinner!

Have you been up the Heron Tower?

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  1. Looks and sounds relish. Gd tip about Heron tower

  2. Looks yummy. Jel you went to Heron I really want to go to duck and waffle xx

  3. That food looks delicious!

    Caitlin x

  4. The restaurant looks gorgeous ;)
    You must've had fun Hanh!

    J Y U K I M I . C O M


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