02 December, 2013

Survival Beauty Tips For The Party Season

As we are now fully in the festive party season that means late nights and I'm sure in a lot of people's case a whole lot of drinking and not much shut eye. Not one to say no to an invite, I've pulled together some tips that can help you look and feel more put together, so there's no excuse to look as bad as you feel!

1. Stay Hydrated
Knocking back double Amarettos and Coke is going to play havoc on my skin and body, although prevention is better than cure but if the damage is done, then a dose of these Hydration Sachets from Boots will help replenish back the water lost through drinking alcohol. It's much more effective than a glass of water before bed, helping you feel slightly better in the the morning. If you're feeling really well prepared then a few drops of Milk Thistle before a night out, will aid detoxifying your liver after a heavy night.

2. Cleanse & Moisturise
I always cleanse my face before bed even if I feel like passing out, maybe not a double cleanse but L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution is perfect for removing heavy make up, your skin will thank you in the morning (as well as your pillow case!) On a day to day basis I use a mattifying moisturiser but after a night out my skin goes into dull, dehydrated mode, so I reach for something more heavy duty REN Evercalm Global Protection Cream is great as it's feels hydrating and replenishing but not greasy.

3. All About Eyes
Puffy eyes are not a good look and a big tell tell sign of a late night out. So in the mornings I reach for 2 products to cool down my eyes and reduce the puffiness, firstly The Body Shop Aqua Eye Mask, which I put on and is instantly refreshing and cooling. I then use Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll On as I love the cooling effect of the roller ball. I leave both items in the fridge so it's extra cool and really helps to reduce puffy eyes.

4. Glowing Make Up
If you have to venture outdoors when a duvet day is not on the cards, a brightening concealer and radiating foundation is a must for a dull complexion. I've mentioned my favourite cover ups before - Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer for under eye circles and Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation for a lovely radiating glow without shine - I'm still amazed I can wear this foundation without powder for most of the day! 

For extra highlighting Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer is great for exactly that. I tend to lay off the heavy eye make up but make sure my brows are filled in and groomed. To avoid the pale and uninteresting look I reach for NARS Multiple Stick in South Beach, which is great for highlighting, contouring and can be use on lips and eyes for extra shimmer and warmth. If you want a more rosy glow, then Benefit Posietint is a lovely poppy pink cheek and lip stain. Another favourite of mine is the Benefit 10, which is a lovely highlighter and bronzer in one.

5. Accessorise 
If all else fails, a stylish fedora hat and a pair of shades will look perfect for that wintry sunny day look - well if it's good enough for the 'Made in Chelsea' girls...

What are your beauty tips after a night out?

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  1. Good tips! I need to work on *not* passing out before washing my face after a long night, haha. It's so easy to forget, or get lazy about.

    xo, Liz

    1. I know i'm the laziest when I get in - I just know i'll regret it if I don't!

      Hanh x

  2. Amaretto and coke is also my mixer of choice hehe. I've been meaning to try the L'Orela Micellar Solution. Have you tried any of the Bioderma solutions? I'm wondering if it's as good because it seems like it'd be a lot easier to get hold of!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

    1. I used Bioderma before and really liked using it but I go through them like water (pardon the pun!) so the L'oreal works just as well and you get more for your money :)

      Hanh x

  3. Great tips i haye the morning after the night before.. I love your blog. I hope we could follow eacother?? :) xx



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