07 March, 2014


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

I took a trip to the shopping mecca Selfridges beauty hall, (which is just pure beauty heaven) to get my hands on Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. The sales assistant colour matched me to shade 5.5 and I happily left with the bottle and £35.50 lighter, I had to make a speedy exit before anything else caught my eye! I try not to get my hopes up for hyped up products but after wearing this recently I can definitely see what the fuss is all about.


From the whopping 24 shades on offer you are bound to find your perfect match, the shade 5.5 matches me well, closer than any other foundation I've tried. It a lovely warm beige colour, which blends into my yellow toned skin effortlessly. I've been disappointed with foundations in the past when they come up too cool on my warm toned skin, that's not the case here.

Formula & Coverage

It's a runny liquid consistency and I was worried it would make my combination skin oily but it leaves a lovely sheen on my skin - not shiny at all. The liquid is easier to blend than other thicker formulas and doesn't leave any streaky brush marks on my face. It smooths over any uneven areas and doesn't accentuate my large pores. The coverage is medium and easily buildable with the convenient pump. I do have to use a concealer to go over dark spots and acne scarring. As it's oil free, it's hydrating and doesn't settle on any dry patches you may have. The formula feels weightless with a silky texture, no heaviness or cakey feeling.

Finish & Staying Power

It leaves a silky veil on your skin that's not too dewy or matt, the perfect base for you to work on for all skin types. I personally think the name Luminous Silk is a little misleading, the finish is not really 'luminous' or glowing but rather a silky and even finish. The longevity on this product is pretty impressive, I don't need to touch up as much after a long day and there's not as much flakiness on my T zone nor does it oxidise. Another bonus for me is that it's SPF free, perfect for picture taking without any white cast. It also have a nice subtle scent, like a fancy face cream - if you like that kind of thing!

From the sleek packaging, to the finish and coverage, I'm really pleased with the results of this foundation and feel it's worth the price tag. It's fail safe to make me feel fresh and flawless, GA - you may be my HG :)

What are your favourite high end foundations?

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  1. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt7 March 2014 at 16:05

    It sounds so lovely an light on the skin but still with great coverage :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Going off your review, it's definitely very tempting! Thanks to so much central heating this winter, I'm going through a "foundation settling on dry patches" phase, annoyingly, so I'm on the lookout for a new foundation. Never buy high end ones but I've had my eye on the Clarins Extra Comfort foundation for a while.

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  3. clairabelle03067 March 2014 at 23:32

    Your skin look amazing, I've wondered about this foundation, but there isn't a counter near me and I really don't want to order blind online :(

  4. I keep hearing amazing things about this foundation, I think it is about time I tried it!

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  5. I love the way this looks on you! Your skin looks gorgeous!
    I've heard a lot about this foundation, maybe I should give it a try. The price is the main thing that's been stopping me, but if it's worth it - I'm in.


  6. I know what you mean I've been cranking up the heating and dealing with dehydrated skin. Luckily this foundation blends in well and doesnt leave those annoying brush marks. I never think of Clarins when it comes to base but the name sounds idea x

  7. Thanks Claire. I know what you mean, it's tricky to actually track down a GA counter, I wouldn't order online either :(

  8. Thanks Marianna! It's definately the foundation, my skin is far from flawless! I know what you mean I rarely buy high end foundation but thought, I could easily buy 2 or 3 drugstore bases for the same price? :)

  9. Woah your skin looks airbrushed! I definitely need to add this to my wishlist now x

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  10. Aww thanks (it's the lighting and foundation for sure!)

  11. You are gorgeous! Wow it looks like a perfect match to your skin tone, and it makes you look like you're not even wearing any foundation. I'm an nc25-30 for mac do you think 5.5 will suit me? You know how much it retails for here in Aus? $90 :'( I know, it is insane!!!!! I still want it though hehe xx

  12. Aww thank you girl :) it's crazy how easily it blends into my skin without leaving a heavy feel. Wow that is pricy :( Can you get a swatch of the GA in Aus? I got swatched for Mac when I had a tan - nc40, then purchased the GA in the winter.....I'm not usally that dark in Mac, so most likely simliar to you without a tan. xx


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