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02 March, 2014


Top Tips For A Great Beauty Review

I think we all rely on reviews when deciding to purchase new beauty products, bar the occasional impulse buy! My go to site is usually Makeup Alley as well as beauty blogs of course. Safe to say bloggers are a pretty influential bunch when it comes to product reviews, so many of my beauty purchases have been enabled by a blogger and their helpful 2 cents.

I always aim to write a well thought out and honest review and wanted to share what I look for in a beauty review, and what I think makes a great one. Obviously there are times when a short and sweet write up does the trick, but if you want to get to the nitty gritty before parting with your cash - an in depth review is always a winner with me.


Simple right? Make sure readers know what you are reviewing in the post title or opening sentences. With so many different products on the market, the full name of a cleanser or foundation can help readers differentiate from a similar sounding product.

Skin Type & Ingredients

With skincare products I like to know what skin type it's aimed for as well as how it's worked out for your skin. With so many different products out there I like to know if it's applicable to me, e.g.I don't have sensitive or dry skin so don't read reviews for this skin type but anything for oily or combination skin, I'm all over it! I read you should always read the ingredients in your food and skincare, if there are key ingredients in a product I always try and name them - Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid are always winners for me.

Use Your Senses

Explain what the product does and how it should be used. I remember I used to be baffled way back when, on how to use the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil! It's handy to know if a product should be used on wet or dry skin or with a muslin cloth? The consistency and texture are also useful pointers, clay, cream oil, gel - yep the list is endless these days. With skin care products it's good to know how long you've been using the product for, this allows readers to gauge if the product is effective. Some skin care products can take up to 6 weeks before seeing results, others instantly. I'm more likely to trust a review that has been trailed for a few weeks than 1 day. Obviously with make up it's not as necessary unless you got an allergic reaction, which is never good. Feel free to add in the scent, I know I've use a few products that have smelt really odd and might put some people off.

Photos & Swatches 
 Good clear photos always win me over, I'm a sucker for nicely lit shots that shows the product off nicely. I find it really useful if any makeup reviews include swatches, I know it sounds obvious but a lipstick colour never looks the same as in the bullet or eyeshadow in the pan. I know it's tricky to always get the best lighting but natural light is best to show the true colour without flash.


Include the price of the product and how much you get in the bottle or tube. If you can include links where you can can buy it from, or if it's online only etc. I also underline any links, so it's easy for readers to see and click on.

Lastly be honest, if products don't measure up let your readers know, I always appreciate the cons as well as the pros. Hope you found these tips useful and happy reviewing!

What do you look for in a beauty review?

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