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28 May, 2014


Being Blogging Savvy

When I'm not working or online shopping, I try to find creative outlets where I can or else my mind will turn to mush! So with that in mind blogging is definitely my creative hub, (bless you humble blog!) So along with the creative content, there are some simple pointers which I think bring a smart approach to blogging and a good basis for any post.


When reviewing beauty products I like to do some research such as the benefits of certain ingredients, where items can be purchased and if it's only limited edition. Little things like that help readers out and also helps to back up claims for the products. If it claims to be brightening or reduce scarring - how? What backs this up? If it's a restaurant review, include links, location and what dishes you loved!

Unique content

I'm sure you all love scrolling through your blog feed but when the same products or content keeps popping up, I'm less incline to click on and read. I have nothing against PR samples or sponsored posts but when a flurry come at once, it takes away from the appeal. So don't jump on the band wagon and look at unique ways to approach a post.

Get to the point
I like long rambly posts but my preferred posts are usually short and concise, I generally get a feel of a review within a few sentences and lots of swatches but that's just my preference. So it's always good to wrap up any reviews with a recap at the end, just in case anyone is just scrolling through to the last paragraph.

Credit your sources

Simple - if you use an image or anything that isn't your own make sure to credit the source eg. Pinterest, a website link or Google. Bloggers have copyright on their own photos so definitely get in touch if you're thinking about using their images. You can also credit certain blogs for any ideas or posts that you were inspired by from them. So in a nutshell, give credit where credit's due! 

Be genuine
Be true to who you are and what you write, it's your voice coming from the page so portray it in a way that shows the real you. Don't write to please certain people or particular companies as I think it's much more important to have integrity. My style is quite low key and I like to keep things simple and informative.

Double check

I'm a terrible speller and sometimes my grammar is off so I always proofread and thank goodness for spell check! Even then the odd typo slips through - oops. Also if you include any links, make sure they work, which is just a small bugbear of mine.

What do you think of these pointers? I would love to know your tips as well?

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