16 May, 2014


Bob's & Co

On the quiet streets opposite St Paul's Cathedral and up the stairs of The Rising Sun pub you'll find a gem of a place. My friends suggested to go to Bob's & Co a few weeks ago - Lobster rolls in London? I couldn't say no to that :) The small restaurant has a 'secret' venue kind of feel, which made the experience all the more fun. After propping ourselves at the bar, our lovely friend Judy made us some Plum Margaritas and Mint Juleps - delicious and refreshing, definitely the kick we needed that evening!

 Bob's & Co
Margaritas at Bob's & Co

We selected a handful of dishes from the menu including lobster mac n cheese - seriously tasty as it sounds, the ahi tuna tacos, pig cheek tacos as well their famous lobster roll. Ok lets just say as my first tasting experience, it was heavenly. The creamy sauce with the soft warm brioche is comfort food as it's best. We also indulged in some fried oysters that tasted delicious with the salad leaf - I can't remember the name of it but it was nice and peppery.

Lobster Rolls at Bob's & Co

The staff are really friendly and happy to go through the menu and explain the dishes to you. This is the perfect place for a slice of high quality food in a fuss free and relaxed environment.

Are you a lobster roll fan?

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  1. This is on my list of places to try! Sounds and looks amazing (:

  2. Caitlin Ramsay16 May 2014 at 21:12

    Lovely photos! I've never really had lobster, but I'm guessing it kind of tastes the same as crayfish? I don't like that, but lobster dishes always look really cool :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  3. The lobster mac and cheese sounds delicious~



  4. Mouth watering reading about the food...and the cocktails of course xx

  5. I think you'll like it Michelle as a fellow foodie, they also have their pop up food fan in Borough market :)

  6. I think crayfish is slightly stronger in taste but depends on how the lobster is cooked. I know seafood always looks appealing to eat :)

  7. You should check out the pop up van in borough market this summer!

  8. Definitely! Really good quality and tasty dishes.


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