09 July, 2014


Things I've Learnt From Blogging Photography

For me blogging and photography go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam. A well shot image speaks volumes, in a sea of thousands of blogs. I'm definitely no expert or professional but I've come a long, long way since my University days, processing images in the dark room! Rather than getting into the nitty gritty technical details of shooting photos, I wanted to share 5 things I've learnt on my blogging photography journey. FYI I shoot with a Sony NEX 3N - compact, lightweight, fast shutter speed and fold out view finder - perfect for those all important selfies!

1. Practice makes perfect

I didn't think too much about my blog photos when I first started blogging, I used to snap half grainy snaps in the morning before work on my point and shoot. I then wanted to invest in my blog photos, so brought a digital SLR. I spent more time finding out the best time to shoot and playing around with the settings. Taking the time to learn about your camera really pays off!

2. Develop your own style

Like your blog it's nice to set a tone and style with your photos, it keeps things uniform and easy to identify with your readers. If I'm shooting products, I like clutter free images with a clear white background (usually my dresser!) A distinguish style becomes recognisable over time, such as the warm hazy tones of Sarah's photos from Temporary Secretary or the beautiful vibrate photos from Kayture's blog. 

3. Consistency

Whatever your style, keep it consistent, it's like using the same filter on your instagram photos! I like to keep my photos natural and not too heavily filtered or processed. Your photography style reflects your blog so invest some time in it. It's nice to keep to a familiar setting or maybe use the same 'props'. I have a white rose from Ikea I like to use when shooting beauty products, it keeps the images looking fresh without over shadowing the overall photo.

4. Be your own critic

I used to only shoot 2-3 photos per post but now I make time to spend a few hours shooting the same set up to make sure I'm 100% happy with it. Perfectionist? Maybe! But I like to make sure the quality is consistent with all my photos. I make sure the images are in focus and well lit, natural lighting is best if you can. If I can't 'fix' the image in editing then I often re shoot another time, painstaking but worth it!

5. Editing

I'm a big fan of editing photos, they really amp up low lighting, crop out dodgy background objects or to add more texture. You don't have to be a whiz in photoshop, I just make sure the images are crips and clear! I also wrote a post on my favourite photo applications.

What are your photography tips?

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  1. Nice tips Hanh - ty. What's the link to your favourite photo apps? (I think its wrong right now). I've been enjoying fotor!

  2. I think the biggest challenge for me is developing a consistent style. I'm inspired by a lot of bloggers but I want to develop my own. So I think that's my photography tip - be inspired! Nothing helps with developing your own style more than discovering what other styles are out there and creating your own out of that.

  3. Something I never seem to be able do to is to get my photos to all be the same size.. so annoying :(

    xx Babette

  4. I couldn't have said this better myself!

    I have a huge DSLR camera (Canon t3) and it's a pain to carry around. Looking to invest in a more compact camera in the future, the Sony one looks so light to carry around!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  5. Lovely post! I definitely agree with all of your thoughts :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. I realized that too, I laughed so hard at no 3 "it's like using the same filter on your insta" hahaha cause then I thought OH! In fact I always use the same 2 filters lol! My photography tip: Flatlays always looks awesome ;) Thanks for sharing :) X

    | www.noirettediary.com |

  7. Definitely, being inspired is a great tip!

  8. Are you using blogger? You can change the width and height of your photos by clicking to the HTML part when drafting posts. (I set mine to width 640 and height 460) hope that makes sense!

  9. Your photos look great though so the Canon's is well worth it!

    But I know what you mean, a compact camera is so handy to just throw in your bag and not too big to whip out haha. x

  10. haha i do sound like a crazed perfectionist in this post :/

    That's a great blogging style if it works for you! I wish I could be that carefree getting the 'perfect' shot first time!

    Wedding prep is going well! I've taken a break for now, don't wanna be a crazy bridezilla haha!

  11. Haha, im the same with my VSCO filters! Flat lays always look good :)

  12. Your blog photos always look consistent though :)

  13. Yessss! VSCO all the way haha :)

  14. Nice post I can really find myself in your points, you take beautiful pictures!

    My Makeup Mémoire

  15. I love these tips as I'm only learning how to photograph for my blog! Will definitely try to take this into consideration.


  16. Thanks for reading Alina! Glad you found it useful :)


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