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03 August, 2014


Maintaining A Good Work Life Balance

We've all met those people who's always on the go, diaries are jam packed and they still have time to fit in work, socialising and the rest. I barely have enough time to eat breakfast and still manage to be late for work. Oops. 

I don't want to be one of those people who are always 'just too busy', too busy for friends and family and too busy to just relax and enjoy life. Sometimes when I have a lot on, I feel a bit anxious, I'm generally not an anxious person but as someone who enjoys the simple life I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed. Do you ever feel that way? Here's a few things I try and do to de stress, so my work/life balance doesn't suffer.

It's OK to say no sometimes

Don't feel like you have to say yes to every invitation, event or night out. It's OK to just decline because you want to have a facial at home or lounge around in your PJs. No ones judging here! Or in my case catch up on YouTube videos and eat pizza!


I'm the first to admit I'm a lazy so and so but fitting in some kind of fitness or exercise in your daily or weekly routine is just a great all rounder. You'll feel more energetic, relieves stress and releases those all important endorphins!

Find your sanctuary

I have a no technology rule in the bedroom, no TV much to my fiancé's dismay but I try and make our room a peaceful place. No computer, laptop, or stereo. Although I like to read my Kindle in bed :) Make a relaxing space in your home to unwind, really helps too switch off from a busy day.

Switching off

I try to make a habit to leave my phone in my bag when I get home from work, sitting in front of a computer screen all day, it's nice to not look at my phone in the evening or constantly be on social media 24/7! Although I am kind of addicted to Instagram...Obviously this can count for anything, going for a run, walking the dog, baking a cake or painting your nails. Making time for simple pleasures in life will make everything else seem less like work or a chore - cos who doesn't want the good life :)

Do you have any de-stressing tips to share?

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