19 October, 2014


ways to show you blog readers some love

What makes you go back to your favourite blogs? Content and creativity are key factors right? For me it's also the voice behind the blog, one that sounds like they've taken the time to think about their readers. It's nice to be thoughtful online especially as we rely on words to get our thoughts across. So here are a few tips on showing some love to your readers :)

Be true & transparent

Having an authentic and genuine voice cuts through all the cr*p. Be true with your thoughts, don't feel the need to over hype a product or review just because you got it for free. Back up your opinions, list the pros and cons. Being transparent shows that you value your readers and they will trust your opinions. It's also a good idea to have a disclaimer or disclosure on your blog, so readers know what they're clicking on as well as protecting your work. So basically lay it all out there, plain and simple!

Don't be lazy

If you don't edit your posts, check for grammar or spell check then it looks rushed and half hearted. Readers will feel the same and pick up on this. I know the odd typo will slip in, but double checking your content before hitting publish makes all the difference. Add links and check they work, anything that makes it easier for readers to navigate is a plus. Writing a beauty review? Show swatches, a little pet peeve of mine when reviews don't include them! Taking the time to include them shows you want to be helpful and in depth with your review.


Having a blog is a two way thing, sharing content, asking questions and evoking feedback is great but it's always nice to interact back. Taking a few minutes to reply back to comments, emails and tweets shows you appreciate your readers thoughts and you might even discover something new. I know I really appreciate your guys interactions! 


Last but not least, showing appreciation shows that you care. So thank you to you, yes you guys for reading my blog. I've been blogging for over a year now and it's been amazing what I've learnt about myself creatively along the way. I feel inspired all the time when I discover talented bloggers! Sometimes I feel a bit lost and disconnected online but I think someone out there gets me :)

Do you feel valued as blog readers?

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  1. Never actually read your blog before but saw this on twitter and I like the topic. My biggest peeve is when you are not even acknowledged on twitter. Ok, I get it for big bloggers, they can't keep up, but for middle of road (following wise) bloggers a simple favourite on twitter would be nice!

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. Aw this was nice :) And I'll take this moment to thank you for all YOUR interactions, always taking a minute to tweet me or comment on my videos! No matter what kind of blogger you are, or how many "followers" one has, the blogosphere would be a very lonely place without friends stopping by to say hello!

  3. I agree with your points! I think what keeps me coming back to a blog is the interaction I get from the owner. She/he doesn't even to respond to my comment exactly, but if I notice that they spend some time responding to comments, I appreciate that. :)

    Aissa // tea in january

  4. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean, I think each blogger uses social media differently but I agree some acknowledgement is always a nice gesture.

  5. Aww thanks alot Alyson! That comment has made my day :) it's always nice to know we can support each other online, even though we live across the world! I can tell how much work you invest in your blog and it's great watching your network grow :) xx

  6. I always make time for awesome people like you Quinn! A lot of people can take pretty photos and fancy videos but you are seriously one cool and classy lady and it's so nice how appreciative you are :) don't forget me when you rule YouTube land hehe ;)

  7. Hi Aissa! I'm glad you agree, interaction is so important to keep us bloggers in communication with each other! xx

  8. I completely agree with all these points! I love when bloggers interact with their readers! I feel like it shows that they truly appreciate them! :)

    I've also nominated you for the one lovely blogger award! You can find more details at http://mylionheartlife.blogspot.com/2014/10/one-lovely-blogger-award.html

    xx Aira

  9. Some really good points here. I love interacting with the blogs I love and leaving comments, and I love it when others stop by mine too! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  10. I think these are some great tips! I completely agree with what you said about being honest and transparent. Also I think the big one really is making sure you take time to appreciate your readers. I know I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for me readers.

    Great blog btw! I'm looking forward to reading more of it :)


  11. Great points! I love that YOU interact with us, and that established "blogger friendship" definitely always keeps me coming back!


  12. That's such a great and thoughtful post! Totally agree with everything you've mentioned, and interacting with readers might be my favourite thing of all.

    X Alice

  13. Hi Aira, I think it's nice when we interact with bloggers/readers too.
    Thank you! I'll check it out :)

  14. Thanks Kate! I love leaving comments too :)

  15. Hi Kate, I think it's really nice to show appreciation to your readers. It takes no time at all but makes us all feel good :)

    Thank you! xx

  16. Aww thanks Meg, 100% agree getting to know bloggers online is really nice!

  17. Thanks Alice! I have to agree with you, interacting makes blogging much more worth while :)

  18. Great tips! I suppose it comes natural to write in your true voice and would be difficult, besides being artificial if you tried to sound like someone else long term! Would you able to keep it up?!

    I love getting feedback, as you feel like you've reached out to your audience. It's important to write comments too and give your feedback :-)

    Emma Jayne x www.emmajayne-designs.co.uk

  19. This is a great post for bloggers! I absolutely agree on every point. There have been times when even after multiple checks, there has been a silly grammatical/typo error in my post and it is absolutely embarassing for any blogger. Therefore, I keep rechecking my previous posts to go back and rectify those errors :P Interacting with readers is always fun! :)

    Love Priya


  20. As a blogger who makes a point to always reply to comments, I love this post! Following you on instagram and twitter to stay in touch :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  21. Hi Emma, that's very true I think sometimes people like to really over hype something and it comes across as false! Yes feedback is great, otherwise you live in your own bubble, never really knowing what people think.

    Thanks for reading :)

  22. Thanks Rachna! It happens, I'm terrible at spelling so I have to check things over and over!

  23. Hi Chelsea, thanks for the social media love :) I always try and reply back to comments as well.

  24. What an illuminating, positive post! :) Nice one!




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