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05 October, 2014


Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Do you ever let something small affect your whole day? I'm sure most of us get stressed and overwhelmed and by the end of the day or week, you feel like snapping? Yep it happens. Or if you're a stress free bunny then lucky you! I get so caught up with certain things out of my control and let it get it to me, when in fact I should just let it go.

Some things are out of your control

The smallest things such as my train being late or my mail order doesn't arrive on time, I mean sh*t happens so I'm late for work by a few minutes, being stressed or agitated doesn't change the situation right? Instead I try and let the situation go, I mean it's hardly a deal breaker! Not wasting my energy on things out of my control makes such a difference. It's definitely easier said than done though but it's something I'm consciously trying to change.

Finding the positive

Waking up with the right mind set really makes a difference, set aside your worries - I mean starting the day arguing with a love one about not doing the dishes really doesn't matter does it? Whenever I feel stressed I always try and take a leaf out of my fiancé's book. He very rarely gets agitated or stressed, he always sees or finds the positive out of any bad situation. Rising up to negativity or seeing things as a battle, doesn't help find a solution.

The bigger picture

I find a lot of the time when I relay my agitation to other people, they see things in a much more rational sense. I hate being late for things but most of the time, it's me that's more stressed than the person that's waiting for me. Building up stress and worry over the slightest things can be over consuming and honestly takes up too much time and energy. So next time I feel myself worrying about what someone might think, I just try and refocus on the bigger picture - what's the worse that can happen honestly?

Reality check

I know I say this all the time but life really is too short worrying about trivial matters, set your sights on bigger things, goals and achievements. After experiencing the loss of someone recently, I feel some of my worries so superficial. Regaining perspective on life really helps me stress less about the little things. Just enjoy life and don't sweat it :)

Do you ever find yourself worry about little things?

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