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12 October, 2014


liz earle cleanse and polish

You know that feeling when you first unwrap or break the seal on the product and you just know you're going to have a vey happy bond together? Yep I have a few products that are just gems, changed my skincare routine for the better and never lets me down.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

This hot cloth cleanser is a firm beauty favourite for a reason, it's very gentle and refreshing to use. The thick creamy formula feels luxurious and replenishing on the skin and I really look forward to using it! This cleanser claims to effectively remove grime, makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and radiant. It contains cocoa butter and essential oils, chamomile and rosemary, which smells dreamy to use. I use around 2-3 pumps depending on how much makeup I have to remove and gently massage onto dry skin over my makeup. I love the creamy texture as it gently dissolves my makeup, I then use a muslin cloth rinsed in hot water and wipe over my face, it feels like a mini facial. I love how It leaves my skin soft, plump and glowy. It doesn't completely remove my waterproof mascara but I usually follow up with a separate eye makeup remover to get the job done.

I have been using this for years since my student days when it was only £10 a pot, now even though it's £15 I still always repurchase it. This tiny pot contains the spot fighting ingredient salicylic acid and drastically calms angry spots, reduces redness and helps with healing them. It feels tingly on the skin, dries clear and you only need a tiny amount for it to work, otherwise it'll dry out your skin. I usually used this overnight, not under makeup as it can look a bit flaky.

ARK skincare regenerating skin defenceArk Regenerating Skin Defense*

If you've read my previous beauty posts you know my love for ARK skincare - natural and effective. I was invited to an press event last month and was fortunate to receive their regenerating skin defence in the goody bag :) This serum is the mother of all serums for me, it contains vitamins and hyaluronic acid to reduce redness, increase firmness, hydration and also helps to repair and regenerate skin cells over time. 

The cream is not too heavy and sinks into your skin without a sticky or greasy film. I use this before a facial oil or night cream and it really locks in the moisture. It doesn't quite work for me to use if I'm wearing make up over it as it looks a bit patchy, but for no makeup days it's great. After using this product for over 4 weeks now, the results have been gradual but impressive. My skin feel firmer, looks more even especially around my cheek area and dark spots and pigmentation appear lighter. I used to use Indeed Labs pepta-bright but I feel this works much more effectively. I mean for the hefty price tag £70 (yikes!) I did expect a lot from this product and it delivers, it's definitely an investment product for your skin.

Another big plus is the product design, you twist the top half of the pot and the product comes out of a small hole on the middle - hygienic and no product waste, genius.

*PR Sample

What are your fail safe beauty products?

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